November 28, 2021

Paris Hilton is selling her NFTs on Metaverse, Sotheby’s dedicated platform

A week ago, Sotheby’s announced the launch of its platform dedicated to non-fungible tokens. The famous auction house thus exposed the NFTs to a new audience made up of collectors known for their taste for luxury. Famous businesswoman and public figure very followed on social networks, Paris Hilton intends to use this opportunity. She therefore decided to sell part of her personal NFT collection on the Sotheby’s platform.

The future of art lies in the NFT market according to Paris Hilton

Passionate about art, Paris Hilton is making her foray into the NFT market in March 2020 with the creation of her own non-fungible token. The success of this one will be worth to him besides the Best Charity NFT award at the NFT Awards ceremony organized the same year. This successful entry into the industry gave ideas to the businesswoman who is snapping up the works of famous NFT artists. It has thus acquired one of the most envied collections in the industry, some of which will now be on sale at Sotheby’s. It was through her Twitter account that the celebrity announced the decision to her many fans on October 19.

In the process, the famous auction house confirmed the news highlighting Miss Hilton’s passion for NFT art. ” Paris sees the NFT art market as the future, and loves artists to push the boundaries and change the art industry forever », Indicates the Sotheby’s announcement. Paris Hilton’s most important NFT artworks currently available on Metaverse are Fractures, Aether : Galaxy Goddess and AQUARIUS – Keeper of the Amethyst Star. These are respective achievements of famous artists Maalavidaa, Chelsea Evenstar and Serwah Attafuah.

Like the collector’s items it presents at its physical sales events, Sotheby’s has brought together some of the rarest works of art on the NFT market on Metaverse. For its launch, the platform presented to the public the collection entitled Natively Digital 1.2 : The collectors. This was notably composed ofworks owned by famous cryptoartists Pak, Rare Pepe and Larva Labs.

Sotheby’s has also invited other NFT art creators as well as private collectors to host their most famous works on Metaverse. These will then be brought together to form unique collections. The auction house has also announced that these collections will be presented to the public at events organized twice a year.

By exhibiting her NFT works of art on Metaverse, Paris Hilton reaffirms her commitment to the emergence of the NFT market that she helped popularize from the early hours. These kinds of initiatives should accelerate adoption of NFTs given the number of fans who follow celebrities and the prestige Sotheby’s enjoys.