November 28, 2021

OM: Sampaoli’s justifications for Mandanda’s situation – football

Now replacing behind Pau Lopez, Marseille goalkeeper Steve Mandanda has suffered a real downgrade. At a press conference this Friday, Phocen coach Jorge Sampaoli justified this choice.

Steve Mandanda is going to have to do more.

After a fairly decent start to the season, Olympique de Marseille goalkeeper Steve Mandanda lost his place in the Olympian cage in favor of Pau Lopez. Loan with an option to buy from AS Roma, the Spaniard now has the confidence of Phocen coach Jorge Sampaoli.

For several weeks, the Argentine technician refused to establish a clear hierarchy between the two men and to justify this decision. But this Friday, the OM coach explained himself.

Sampaoli felt Mandanda less well

To better understand the downgrade suffered by the French international, Sampaoli notably referred to the period stressful known by the 36-year-old doorman for a year and a half. Pau arrived injured, it was complicated for him. There came a position where there was almost exclusivity for Steve. It was him, number one. We were talking about the obligation of result. He lived a year and a half very stressful, very complicated things to take have happened here, for a player as emblematic as Steve, does he have how.

We thought he had to stop a bit because he was starting to get his benefits, said Sampaoli, before talking about the current situation. Pau is very well today, Steve too. gave healthy competition, which we were looking for, between two very good goalkeepers. This competition will be a bit like that of the field players.

The real Steve expected

Despite this competition, the Spaniard clearly got the better of the Habs in the short term. And to get back to Sampaoli’s little papers, Mandanda will have to find his best level. Pau arrived with a pretty serious injury and for me he played his matches well. When we find the real Steve, he will become a mainstay for our team again. We have to find the best time for our goalkeepers. And when we have both at their best, it’ll be up to me to make the right decision. Today we find that the two are a very balanced level, said the ex-coach of FC Sville. Il Fenomeno still has a chance to play, but will have to whip …

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