November 29, 2021

OM-PSG: Longoria takes his pen, removable nets, record device … A Classic under high security – Football

Due to the particular context this season and the threats of sanctions that weigh on him, Olympique de Marseille has stepped up initiatives aimed at limiting the risks of its supporters overflowing on Sunday, when Paris Saint-Germain received the Classic.

OM supporters will be closely watched on Sunday …

Sunday, Olympique de Marseille and Paris Saint-Germain face off at Stade Vlodrome for the 101st Classic in history.

Two teams at the top (PSG is at the top of Ligue 1 after 10 days, OM 3rd), a host of stars with Lionel Messi, Kylian Mbapp and even Neymar, who will be fit, the return of the public: all the ingredients are gathered to witness a beautiful spectacle.

Longoria’s call

And precisely, the president of OM, Pablo Longoria, wants to ensure that it will be a party and only a party, without overflows to report in the stands. It is in this sense that the leader published a letter to supporters on the official website of the phocen club. I want to do everything so that this moment remains a football moment and nothing but a football moment. Everyone warned us. If any incident should happen, we could be severely penalized. Last week a simple ball of paper thrown on the field prompted the referee to stop the game. Next Sunday, the referee will not hesitate to be just as uncompromising on our guard., warned the Spaniard before launching an appeal.

Used to the North and South bends, the Ganay and Jean Bouin stands, I ask you all without distinction to do everything to convince and encourage your members, your friends, your colleagues to participate in the most beautiful way these moments, urged the Marseille boss, who was not satisfied with words. RMC Sport reveals that OM have also provided for a specific safety device with four removable nets which will be positioned in strategic places and deemed to be risky. 12 stewards will have the sole mission of moving them to areas considered sensitive, for example on corner situations of PSG.

OM under pressure

The media also evokes an unspecified system of 874 stewards, 17 dog masters, 296 reception agents and 112 hostesses, that is to say a total of 1,299 people! All this security apparatus may seem exaggerated as PSG supporters have been banned from travel, but these measures must be put in the context of the current season, meshed by multiple violence on the part of supporters in France.

It should also be recalled that OM have already been sanctioned with a suspended withdrawal point and a travel ban for their supporters until the winter break following the incidents which involved their Angers fans (0-0). The phocen club therefore does not take the slightest risk of incurring new sanctions during this match, which is conducive to overflows … Note that the Bouches-du-Rhne Police Prefecture has also taken draconian measures outside the stadium since any procession or parade of fans will be banned on Sunday on the Canebire …

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