November 30, 2021

North Korea uses Netflix series against South Korea?

Have you ever heard of the South Korean series Squid Game, available since mid-September on Netflix? Yes ? Astonishing! Available for almost a month on the SVOD platform, it continues to be an international hit, having even recently become the series having achieved the biggest start in its history. Such a success obviously arouses a lot of interest and questions, and we have had the right to all kinds of controversy, around its exacerbated violence or its impact on a young audience. Lately, the North Korean media have taken hold of the phenomenon, and not for any reason.

Squid Game, or the denunciation of the excesses of capitalism

Let’s avoid repeating a whole pitch of the series of nine episodes and let us simply remember that it takes again in its sauce – spicy – the mode of Battle Royale. Through six events, each more sadistic than the next, the 456 participants will gradually be eliminated so that only one remains. This winner has the “privilege” of winning a tidy sum of money, but refuses to use it, out of respect for all the other candidates who died in the “Squid Game”.

Where the most inattentive will have simply benefited from a series of suspense, others will have perceived a sharp criticism of capitalism and its excesses, which was the primary objective of its creator Hwang Dong-hyeok. Fans and the media have already covered this aspect of the series enough, the strength of which lies largely in its ability to blend a poignant and spectacular story, with conveying a strong message. Even in North Korea, the press praises the audacity of Squid Game ! Strange, isn’t it?

Squid Game, a North Korean propaganda tool

To everyone’s surprise, the interest of the North Korean press in the series produced by its South Korean neighbor is not insignificant. Because it is not particularly its realization, its scenario, or its acting which are put forward, but indeed its denunciation of capitalism. Coming from a country openly communist and not really open to the outside world, it is therefore not surprising that his media congratulate Squid Game for his ability to do “praise awareness of the sad reality of brutal South Korean society, in which human beings are driven to competition in an extreme way and where their humanity is being wiped out “.

The various official journals of the “Supreme Leader of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea”, Kim Jong-un, therefore do not hesitate to argue that this is a quasi-realistic reflection of capitalist societies, whose members would be ready to kill each other to grab the wealth. North Korean propaganda also mentions representation, in Squid Game, from “the reality of life in a world where people are judged only by money”, among many other attacks on a mode of operation contrary to what the country has known for decades.

For as a communist regime, it is firmly opposed to any capitalist ideology and conversely aims for a society without social class or wage earners. For the boring mini history lesson, North Korea is even quite extremist in its approach since it is a so-called “Stalinist” communist regime, advocating violence if necessary and centering around a cult of personality towards its main leader.

North Korea is obviously not the only opportunist trying to capitalize on the success of Squid Game, since South Korean politicians themselves have not hesitated to take the series as an example to denounce the corruption of their opponents. In short, for less fuss, we simply advise you to bring a blanket and a hot chocolate, then watch the series in your corner.