November 28, 2021

Nogent-le-Rotrou. When national education promotes sport

The academic director, Evelyne Mège, was present to discuss AS, here ultimate in the background. (© Republican Action)

During the Olympic Games, a vast debate had emerged : if athletes were in this firmament that it is the Olympics, was it really thanks to school sport ? Medalists then took the floor, a meeting was organized with the basketball player Evan Fournier and the minister of education Jean-Michel Blanquer.

Last week, the academic director, Evelyne Mège was visiting Pierre-Brossolette college in Nogent-le-Rotrou to “give a spotlight to school sport”, in his words.

“Unequal physical conditions”

So be careful, the goal is not to train champions there, but above all to give young people a taste for physical and sporting activity.

This sports teacher from Brossolette college explains:

Those who played sports continued to practice despite the crisis. But for the others … We end up with very unequal physical conditions.

That morning, all the 6th grade students saw their lessons “unmarked” for two hours to discover the disciplines offered by the Sports Association, called the AS. In three different locations – gymnasium, dojo and synthetic – students practice the badminton, circus and ultimate.

For badminton, it is a teacher of SVT who plays the apprentice sports teachers after the injury of one of his colleagues preventing him from exercising.

Ultimate, badminton and circus

The pupils make exchanges, and play a sport which they already know well being in their school curriculum. A few meters further into the dojo, another class tries out the circus, balance workshops, juggling, and other circus activities are represented.

On the synthetic, it’s ultimate, and the students exchange the freesbee by passes. We see the pleasure of working out, the pleasure of sharing an activity together… and that’s all the teaching staff wanted. “We also present what AS is,” slips a teacher, assisted by 5th, 4th and 3rd year students to act as supervisors.

And this morning seems to hit the mark since in this group of five girlfriends, three said they would register. The objectives are obviously very different depending on the students.

With the end of competitions due to Covid-19, we have recovered another audience that corresponds to other students, those who were not in a club. The fact that we can no longer do team sport has also played a role.

Nicolas bouttierDepartmental Director of the UNSS 28

No health pass

It is true that the practice of badminton or the circus does not lead to the same objectives. For badminton, we will be on competition, for the circus we will be on a full number at the end of the year. ” The inter-establishment meetings, it’s still all the salt of AS. These seasonings lost, the staff of the UNSS fell by a third during the Covid crisis. “We hope to bring them back, but we feel a good dynamic,” says Nicolas.

The laser-run as a novelty

Beyond the traditional football, handball, badminton, the departmental committee of the UNSS tries to pull out of the game to attract new students by playing the card of modernity. “We offer the laser-run. It is an event that figures in modern pentathlon, it is a mixture of running and laser shooting. We bought 18 targets and pistols, it’s expensive equipment, ”assures Nicolas Bouttier. But it is worth it for him!
Others, such as Arsène Meunier college, offers canoe-kayak outings on the huisne. An activity that is fully in line with the eco-responsible side that the UNSS wants to extend. “We want to develop a sense of sustainable development among students. So, they bring their gourds, there are no more plastic bottles. We can cycle to sports complexes. The snacks distributed are now organic fruit. “

And they can count on a favorable health protocol since the health pass is not compulsory. “We’re in a school setting so they don’t need it. A certain misunderstanding for students who practice in a club and for whom the Pass will be required from today. “

They can also count on a major asset: the price. “A license on average is 20 € the year at AS. For a multitude of activities, that’s really not much. “

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