November 29, 2021

Neymar goes back and explains his retirement in 2022!

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Neymar backpedal to the delight of Parisian supporters. The Paris Saint-Germain attacking midfielder made a splash when he announced a few weeks ago that the World Cup in Qatar, in 2022, would be his last.

In comments reported on the sidelines of an event for his partner Red Bull, the Brazilian wanted to explain: “I said something, but people understood something else. I said that, yes, it will be my last World Cup and that I will face it in the best possible way. I will give my best to be 100%. “

However, according to him, it is simply a way of looking at things, more than announcing the end of his career: “because it is as if I had a match the next day, c that’s how I approach it. If there’s a game tomorrow, for me it’s like it’s the last of my life. So, for this upcoming World Cup, I think about it as if it was the last for me. “

However, Neymar ensures that he is still far from thinking about the end of his career: “I do not know how tomorrow will be and what can happen. When I said that it was a bit controversial, people were saying that I wanted to stop playing soccer and that I was going to quit the national team. People have understood a completely different thing. I wanted to say that I live this season as if it was the last. Because we don’t know how tomorrow will be and what can happen. “What reassure the supporters of PSG.

to summarize

Neymar returned to his remarks concerning the end of his career. The attacking midfielder had announced a few weeks ago that the World Cup in Qatar in 2022 would be his last, worn out by the mental fatigue that represents the Brazilian selection.