January 23, 2022

Zemmour in One of Closer? What we know about this controversial coverage

POLITICAL – He wanted to prevent Closer to publish this information about him. According to several media including The Parisian and Point, the far-right polemicist Eric Zemmour, not yet officially a candidate for the next presidential election, wanted to ban the last front page of the magazine people, used to revelations on the private life of public figures. In vain.

For what reasons? Because she shows it on the arm of Sarah Knafo, her closest advisor and companion, with a clear title: “He will be a dad in 2022”. The magazine says, in fact, in its issue published this Friday, November 26, that the 28-year-old enarque, the cornerstone of the essayist’s pre-campaign, is pregnant.

Information developed on four pages inside the magazine, which displeases Éric Zemmour and his advisor, two months after publication by, Paris Match, a first cover around their relationship. A “people sequence” which had then asked many questions about the authorized character or not of the photos.

Zemmour attacks, Closer defends himself

Guest of BFMTV on Friday morning, the lawyer of the polemicist, Olivier Pardo, judged the front page of Closer “Ignominious, villainous, disgusting.” “They balance that, without knowing anything, by bringing an abject invasion of privacy (…) it does not concern anyone”, he explained, confirming, as announced on the news channel a few minutes previously, that he was going to “attack” the magazine.

“I’m going to attack, make them pay. Why? (…) they do this to sell paper, ”he said, as you can see it below, before however qualifying: “if my client agrees, I will hit them in the wallet, I will ask them for damages.”

If the complaint was confirmed, this would be the second action attempted by the polemicist concerning the coverage of the weekly. According to Point and The Parisian, his lawyer and that of Sarah Knafo pleaded, Thursday, November 25, before the 17th chamber of the judicial tribunal of Paris, the prohibition of this publication.

They have, according to the two media, put forward the fundamental right to the privacy of private life by relying on Article 8 of the European Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms. A request deemed “inadmissible”, “on the grounds in particular that the lawyers of Eric Zemmour could not demonstrate that this revelation was going to come out”, according to the daily account.

Which ultimately turned out to be the case. “There was a rumor that had been circulating for a few days, we sought to know if it was founded or not”, thus detailed the editor-in-chief of Closer, on the set of BFMTV, always this Friday morning, before adding, by way of justification: “it is their private life but at the same time we are talking about a personality who for a few months has been placed in good place in the race to the Elysée. ” Not sure that this is likely to convince the main stakeholders.

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