January 29, 2022

you can receive up to 2450 euros in premiums and aid in December

Purchasing power premium, energy voucher, increase in the ceiling for gift vouchers, “Macron premium” … The purchasing power boosts are numerous in this month of December. A brief overview of the various aids.

An end of the year placed under the sign of purchasing power. As inflation rises month after month, end-of-year bonuses and grants begin to flow. For the French concerned (and provided they have a generous employer), the total amount of exceptional bonuses could reach a total amount of 2,450 euros.

First with inflation compensation which begin to be paid this Monday. Since this morning, scholarship students have received the 100 euros of this exceptional bonus announced in October by the Prime Minister. A payment that will run until February and will concern 38 million people in France. To benefit from it, you must earn less than 2,000 net per month (before withholding tax). Note that this premium is individualized: a household can therefore receive 200 euros.

It is also this week that exceptional energy checks are sent to the first eligible households. Announced last September to allow low-income households to cope with the rise in gas and electricity prices, this check for 100 euros should concern 5.8 million households.

No special procedure to receive it: if you received the energy check in April, you will receive this exceptional boost of 100 euros.

Any business bonuses

To this aid paid by the State can also be added any bonuses from companies thanks to incentive measures.

To start with the exceptional purchasing power premium (Pepa) known as “prime Macron”. Decided in 2018 during the yellow vests crisis, the device was renewed this year. Companies will be able to pay up to 1,000 euros in tax-exempt premiums (and even 2,000 euros in small businesses that employ second-line workers). This is not a mandatory bonus but around 50% of companies ensure that they will pay it according to a Deloitte survey conducted in November 2021. The average amount envisaged is 500 euros.

Finally last boost: gift vouchers. Your company could pay you more this year since the contribution exemption limit has been increased by 80 euros. This year you will be able to receive up to 250 euros against 170 in previous years.