July 1, 2022

Yellow vests: Is a return possible?

After celebrating the 3 years of the movement on Wednesday, the yellow vests called for a major national mobilization on Saturday, November 20. Five months before the presidential elections and in the midst of a dispute over the price of energy, the movement could be reborn.

November 17, 2018 marked the start of the protest against yellow vests in France. That day, 280,000 French people gathered across France according to figures from the Ministry of the Interior to protest against the rise in gasoline prices.

The movement continued every Saturday in the country, before running out of steam in the summer of 2019. However, it could return to the fore a few months before the presidential elections next April, especially with the record price reached by oil in France in recent weeks.

Rising inflation

According to an OpinionWay poll for CNEWS published on Thursday, the main concern of the French for the next presidential campaign will be purchasing power (52% of those polled).

An area strongly affected by growing inflation since consumer prices have exploded in one year in France with an overall jump of 1.9%, according to statistics provided by INSEE last September.

In particular, gas prices have climbed by 31% in one year, pushing more and more French people into fuel poverty. In this difficult economic context, a general resurgence of the protest could lead to an imminent return of the Yellow Vests.

“Results in 3-4 months”

Although it did not succeed in being sustainable due to the absence of a representative leader, the movement nevertheless made it possible to obtain significant political progress, including the freezing of the annual increase in the carbon tax. .

“It should be remembered that, compared to professional union struggles, they obtained results in 3-4 months”, recalled this Thursday on CNEWS the political scientist Jean-Christophe Gallien.

A democratic force which could, if it were to experience a revival this Saturday, reshuffle the cards of the electoral campaign.