January 18, 2022

Yannick Jadot reaches out to Anne Hidalgo and says she could “obviously” be his prime minister

No to the primary, yes to the rally behind him. Yannick Jadot, environmental candidate for the presidential election, reaffirmed his position on Tuesday, December 14, at the microphone of BFM-TV, but specified that the socialist candidate, Anne Hidalgo, could “Obviously to be [sa] Prime Minister “, if she decides to line up behind him for the 2022 presidential election.

“The polls, the surveys that you mention show that there is an aspiration to unite, a desire to unite, but not necessarily for a primary”, replied Mr. Jadot to the journalist who questioned him about the holding of such a vote. He added, however: “I want to work with the socialists and all the progressives. I say “come with your ideas, with your story, with your proposals. Let’s work on a common project, on a government contract (…) on a resolutely ecological, social and republican project. ” ”

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“We have to get along”

Reiterating his refusal to participate in a citizen primary, as the mayor of Paris called for him before being rejected by the other left candidates, Mr. Jadot continued his argument for the union, targeting more specifically the Socialist Party (PS): “We have to get along. We very clearly understood that, anyway, Jean-Luc Mélenchon would stay in his lane. ”

The candidate of Europe-Ecology-The Greens (EELV) said he was working ” from the beginning (…) at the gathering “, referring to his withdrawal in the 2017 presidential election behind socialist candidate Benoît Hamon, as well as his attempt to unite left-wing forces around a common program that failed in April.

Mr. Jadot thus called for union behind his candidacy, believing that “The option that an environmental candidate withdraws from the presidential election” did not exist, since “The political context” ecologically “A propulsive force”. “I ask others to take their responsibilities and do it with panache”, he thus justified.

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If he remains very critical of the results of the five-year term of François Hollande and believes that the PS “Has shown its limits”, Mr. Jadot nevertheless extended his hand to the camp of Mr.me Hidalgo, asserting: ” I know that (…) the socialists have an incredible history. I want to bring together the progressives, the humanists, the socialists, and all the people who see clearly that today, in France, we do not deal with the issue of climate, nor the issue of social justice, nor the issue of democracy. ”

Mr Jadot, who has pledged to appoint a woman prime minister, said Mrme Hidalgo could ” obviously ” occupy this function if it supports his candidacy. However, he measured his point by adding that he “Will not form[t] not [son] government on December 14 ”, nor in a television interview.

Disunity and low level of debate

Asked about a possible candidacy of Christiane Taubira in the popular Primary process, the MEP welcomed “An exceptional woman in many ways”, but refused to “Comment on a rumor which is a staging without having the slightest beginning of a project”.

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The MEP regretted that he was only asked “Questions of people” recently, in view of the critical environmental and societal situation, advancing: ” There is 12 million French people who cannot heat themselves properly. Can we stop talking about cooking at some point? “

The same morning, it was MEP Raphaël Glucksmann (elected on a joint PS-Place public list) who criticized the absence of a joint candidacy. With “So many candidates for so few voters”, the left currently constitutes ” a joke ” and this falls under“A pathetic level that we have never reached in this country ”, he estimated on BFM-TV-RMC.

“It’s not just left-wing voters who need to be frustrated. This is an incredible lack for the French public debate. You have on one side the extreme right, the right, Emmanuel Macron who are fighting to win and, on the left, what are they fighting for? They are fighting to be first on the left ”, regretted Mr. Glucksmann, who said he was ashamed and angry at the situation. During his intervention, he urged the candidates to talk to each other.

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