July 1, 2022

WSBK Superbike Mandalika: Rea is furious and Razgatlioglu sympathizes

Razgatlioglu won big this Saturday, without even fighting. The storm hit the very young Mandalika track and it didn’t just come from the skies. Certainly, a biblical downpour paralyzed the starting grid and forced all the protagonists to take shelter, but the analysis which then led to the outright cancellation of a round which could already decide the title world has exceeded a farce turkey Jonathan Rea. Because tomorrow, Sunday, there will be two races and not three. The Superpole event thus goes by the wayside and the 12 points at stake with it. And when you are 30 lengths from the leader, it’s not nothing …

Jonathan Rea is not yet beaten in this title race in WSBK where he is already back to the wall, but he took a hit this Saturday at Mandalika without even having fought. Bitter the man in green has it across: ” it will not be an impossible mission but it will be a complicated and unrealistic challenge. But you have to fight to the end “. The torrential rain that fell on the Indonesian site just emerged from the ground banned all competition and redesigned the program for this last meeting of the season.

With a consequence: 12 Superpole Race points are no longer at stake since the event was crossed out to place the two main races on Sunday. So all that’s left is 50 units to harvest and it will suffice to Razgatlioglu to finish second of Rea from the first Sunday game to secure his first crown in WSBK. Jonathan Rea is moping about this scenario, even if he admits that running under the proposed conditions was unreasonable. But there is the substance, and the form …

And it’s on this form of the official Kawasaki over : “ I’m not saying it was wrong, with the conditions that existed at 4 p.m. there had been no way to run, but I did not see the track. We have to believe their decision was correct and I am not questioning it. It is in my best interest to try to wait as long as possible. At 5:00 pm the visibility was the best I have ever seen in all the wet races I have done, the sky was clear. There is no sun but there is a lot of light, we are not in the dark. I’m not saying the decision was wrong by any means because by 4pm the bikes would have been hydroplaning and that’s not something we want. At 4 p.m., there were surely no safe conditions to ride ».

Razgatlioglu: “The cancellation of the Superpole Race is in my favor and I’m not hiding it”

Most… ” From what I know, no one was questioned. I am one of the four runners who are part of the safety commission and I would have liked at least to see the track, to see the puddles, which is normally done “. He ends, resigned: ” do not get me wrong, I am not questioning the decision of the race director ».

The rival Toprak Razgatlioglu for his part was compassionate: ” I obviously know that the cancellation of the Superpole Race is working in my favor and I do not hide it. But I prefer to look at Johnny’s side and i’m very sorry for what happened. I say this because I came here to Indonesia to run three races and we have to give up one. However, this does not allow me to let my guard down, since the season is not yet over and there will be two more races on Sunday. ».

On these upcoming trials, Rea comments: ” we don’t know if the weather will be like that on Sunday and if there will be rain we don’t know if it will be so important. We’ll find out when we wake up in the morning, but my mindset remains the same and that is, I’ll try to do my best. Before the weekend the situation was not easy, but i was enjoying the challenge when i saw the rain i thought it could be a good sign an opportunity. With a lot of rain, in these conditions, I’m strong “. We will indeed have to get up tomorrow morning at 04h00 to see this WSBK grand finale!


The Turkish Razgatlioglu can cap his first title on Sunday in Race 1 of the Indonesia Round if…

He finishes 1st or 2nd,

-He finishes 3rd and Rea does not win,

-He finished 4th or 5th and Rea did not do better than 3rd,

-He finished 6th, 7th or 8th and Rea did not do better than 4th,

-He finished 9th or 10th and Rea did not do better than 5th,

-He finished 11th and Rea did not do better than 6th,

-He finished 12th and Rea did not do better than 7th,

-He finished 13th and Rea did not do better than 8th,

-He finished 14th and Rea did not do better than 9th,

-He finished 15th and Rea did not do better than 10th,

-He does not score points and Rea does not do better than 11th.