January 26, 2022

World 2022 play-off draw: Italy and Portugal in the same vein, at least one of the two will not go to Qatar! – Soccer

The draw for the play-offs for the 2022 World Cup in the Europe zone delivered its verdict on Friday. Italy and Portugal are part of the same path: at least one of the two nations will not qualify for the World Cup!

The 2022 World Cup play-off draw took place this Friday

The draw for the European play-offs for the 2022 World Cup took place this Friday. And we can say that he has a big surprise in store: Italy and Portugal will not both be able to make the trip to Qatar in a year!

As a reminder, the formula is changing for this next edition of the World Cup. The twelve play-offs were divided into three routes, each route comprising two semi-finals which will be played on March 24, 2022 in a match. The two winners of the semi-finals of the same route will then face each other in a final on March 29. The three victorious finalists will thus validate their qualification for the World Cup.

Italy or Portugal, there will be (at best) only one!

This much more difficult format will therefore be a victim between Italy and Portugal, since the two nations have fallen in the same way. In the best case, the Italians and the Portuguese will have to face each other in the final of track C to get a ticket for the World Cup. But before that, they will already have to beat North Macedonia and Turkey respectively at home. promised!

In Lane A, Scotland will receive Ukraine and Austria will move to Wales. It will be very open between these four nations. In lane B, Poland is the favorite. But Robert Lewandowski’s teammates will have to win in Russia before facing the winner of Sweden – Czech Republic. It will not be an easy task … One thing is certain, these dams promise to be exciting!

The dams program:

Channel A: Scotland – Ukraine, Wales – Austria
Channel B: Russia – Poland, Sweden – Czech Republic
Channel C: Italy – North Macedonia, Portugal – Turkey

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