January 25, 2022

with 90% of the eligible population having received at least one dose, has France reached its vaccination ceiling?

There are the refractories, the Antivax, people who are afraid or who are still hesitating … While France has reached a high level of vaccination against Covid-19, with more than 90% of the eligible population (12 years and over) having received at least one dose in December, nearly 78% of the total population, around six million eligible French people are not vaccinated.

At a time when the recall campaign is in full swing, the number of unvaccinated people has only changed very slowly for two months, except for a very slight rebound at the end of November, after the announcement of the opening to the whole major population of the additional dose. New injections have stagnated below 30,000 per day on average since mid-October, and even dropped to 20,000 doses in December. This is a pace that has never been so low, except during the first days of the campaign, almost a year ago.

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Since the 50 million vaccine mark was crossed in mid-September, the government has been careful not to post a new target in terms of primary vaccination. However, there is no question of giving up, we assure the Ministry of Health, where we insist on the continuation of operations.” move towards “ to reach these audiences, or on the “Priority queue”, open to the unvaccinated in vaccination centers. The new first-time injections represent “100,000 to 200,000 people per week is not nothing, it is the equivalent of an average city that we manage to grab”, point the finger at Rue de Ségur.

  • What is the profile of unvaccinated people?

If we put a magnifying glass on the map of France, several fractures that have appeared during the campaign are confirmed. In addition to the overseas territories, which show the longest delays, in metropolitan France, the South-East stands out with a lower level of vaccination than in the rest of the country. And more broadly the territories located to the south of a diagonal going from Haut-Rhin to Ariège, according to data by health insurance department, stopped on December 5.

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On the finer scale of intercommunalities, another grid is required: disadvantaged neighborhoods in large metropolitan areas remain at the top of the least vaccinated areas. The northern Marseille neighborhoods of 14e, 15e and 16e boroughs; Dugny, Clichy-sous-Bois, Villetaneuse, Stains… in Ile-de-France; in the Rhône, Saint-Fons, Vaulx-en-Velin or even Vénissieux. At least 30% of the population remains “To be vaccinated” in these municipalities – up to 44% in the northern districts of Marseille. Some remote rural areas, with a smaller number of inhabitants, are also strongly behind, such as the community of communes of Diois, in Drôme, or that of Genevois, in Haute-Savoie.

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