July 1, 2022

What is Fuchs Finance associated with Olivier Markarian?

December 8, 2021 at 7:45 PM by Thomas

The race for the resumption of ASSE is intensifying, each candidate for the resumption furnished his weapons.

Each has their turn, candidates to take over ASSE leave their reserve and confidentiality, which normally prevails in such a situation. Everyone wants to seduce the public and local actors, this Wednesday, it is Olivier Markarian, who speaks at length, in an interview with Bernard Lions, for the newspaper The team.

Olivier Markarian details his project for ASSE

Markarian details his project and lists partners, at least one, from Luxembourg, called Fuchs Finance. This wealth manager fund bears the name of its founder, Jean Fuchs. In 2000, he created Fuchs & Associés Finance, according to the financial newspaper Agefi, with a capital of 620,000 euros, in collaboration with Dexia Asset Management Luxembourg.

Fuchs Finance, wealth manager based in Luxembourg

“The Fuchs group now has more than 150 experts in Luxembourg, Brussels and Geneva from the largest financial institutions”, writes the group on its official website. He is active in the sectors of wealth management, insurance brokerage, trading rooms, the “family office”, and the activity of fund management company. “Our company is a PSF-Asset Manager, as there are around 60 in Luxembourg. These asset managers represent around 10% of the market’s Private Banking activity ”, detailed Jean Fuchs, in an interview with Paperjam, in 2005, the latter estimating at the time, “To the billion euros”, cumulative assets.

Financial security for the Greens’ takeover project

In his interview with L’Equipe, this Wednesday, Olivier Markarian explains, about the funds for the buyout of ASSE, that they come, “Of Stéphanois, but also of Canadians and Swiss. We joined forces with Fuchs, a Luxembourg company that is far from being a finance “Mickey”. Fuchs serves as a financial vehicle and interlocutor with KPMG “, the international consultancy and financial audit firm, which manages the files of declared buyers.