June 30, 2022

what is contained in the Telegram loop of one of the two ultra-right activists in custody

The two men are targeted by an investigation by the anti-terrorism prosecution. They are accused of using a loop on Telegram messaging to call for violent action.

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Two ultra-right activists accused of having called for violent actions on the encrypted messaging application Telegram and of having made racist and anti-Semitic remarks were arrested Tuesday, November 16 by the DGSI and are currently targeted by an investigation by the prosecution anti-terrorism. Their police custody, which began on Wednesday, November 17, is currently continuing. They can last up to 96 hours, as part of an anti-terrorism investigation.

Thursday, November 18, franceinfo was able to learn about the Telegram loop of one of them, a 46-year-old employee of the town hall of Montauban (Tarn-et-Garonne). Weapons were found at his home. On this Telegram loop, he defended violence and survivalist theses.

Among the documents shared on its Telegram loop, a “sniper manual”, a summary of “fondamentaux de My Struggle”, a “manual of the accelerationist activist, written by and for men of action”, manuals of “survival in the midst of chaos”, “combat in urban areas” or for “to become a citizen-soldier”. These documents were shared with at least several dozen subscribers, accompanied by numerous racist and anti-Semitic comments.

According to a source familiar with the matter, this man, like the other activist in police custody, is a “white supremacist” and belongs to the “accelerationist trend”, that is, he is convinced that a “race war” will explode and it must be provoked. “Let’s accelerate the collapse”, he writes moreover on the Telegram group which he animated before being arrested Tuesday, November 16, on which he also called to silence the politicians “by slaughtering them”.

The second suspect, aged 60 and arrested in Gironde, is suspected of having provided the many weapons found at the home of the municipal employee.