January 23, 2022

“We’re the stuffing turkeys!” : Apolline de Malherbe gives a rant after the final of “Koh-Lanta”

A frustrating end to the season. This morning, at the opening of “Apolline Matin” on RMC and RMC Story, Apolline de Malherbe gave a rant after the chaotic finale of “Koh-Lanta”, broadcast last night on TF1. After several suspicions of cheating during the filming, the adventure game presented by Denis Brogniart decided at the end of the last issue not to designate a winner and to donate the 100,000 euros to an association.

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“We were taken for idiots!”

The morning woman of the NextRadioTV group, who did not hide for several months her passion for “Koh-Lanta”, expressed her dissatisfaction with the outcome of this season called “The Legend”. “Staggering … I’m speechless … I don’t know what to tell you … I went to bed heartbroken“, began Apolline de Malherbe. And to be cut off by Emmanuel Lechypre:”You swelled us for weeks with your ‘Koh-Lanta’. All this so that a presenter, all at once, tells you: ‘Paf, there is no winner’“. “It’s exactly that ! We have the impression of being the turkeys of the farce!“, continued the journalist.

Also a fan of the program, Nicolas Poincaré outbid, quoting “Le Parisien”: “We were taken for idiots! It was too much !“. “There were several episodes where it was discovered that they had had food delivered to them by the locals. Then last soap opera yesterday, Claude would have threatened to strike the production which gave up by giving them pains au chocolat“, continued Apolline de Malherbe.”All that was not told on the air! They just said, ‘There is suspicion of cheating, so there is no winner. Thank you goodbye’. We did a long debrief as if nothing had happened. Teheiura, who was eliminated for cheating, was questioned without asking him a word about cheating. We didn’t get people’s reaction. We got nothing!“, was again annoyed the former presenter of” Complement survey “.

“It’s disgusting to put all the blame on the candidates”

What pissed me off the most is that they made us live in a rush. We have a beating heart. We wait like crazy for each episode. We go to bed at no time. We wait until 9:17 p.m. for the end of the credits. We say to ourselves that we are there, on the block!“, resumed the presenter of” Apolline Matin “. And to target Denis Brogniart:”Then, at the end, the same one who makes us go up in the towers, says to us: ‘Hey, it does not matter! It’s just a game ‘“. She was referring to a tweet from the host of” Koh-Lanta “who wrote last night after the broadcast of the show:”Let’s not forget it’s just a game“.

She concluded by charging Adventure Line Productions, the producer of the program: “I find that the production has its share of responsibility. It’s a bit disgusting to put all the blame on the candidates. At one point you starve people. It’s inhumane ! The production ended up giving way. She also gave chocolate breads. She didn’t control like she could have controlled“. puremedias.com offers you to watch the sequence.