January 26, 2022

wearing a mask again compulsory in sports arenas

As the Covid-19 epidemic resumes, the wearing of a mask becomes mandatory again from this Friday in sports equipment, both indoors and outdoors, the Ministry of Sports announced in a press release.

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He is making his comeback. Wearing a mask becomes compulsory again in sports equipment from Friday, November 26, while the number of Covid-19 cases is on the rise again. In a press release, the Ministry of Sports announces that wearing a mask is back “compulsory for all in sports equipment (…) except at the time of sports practice and its effective supervision”.

The announcement comes as many outdoor places across France are once again subject to wearing masks to cope with the increase in the number of Covid-19 contaminations.“The objective remains to guarantee the continuity of a normal sporting practice and the good performance of the sporting spectacle”, specifies the Ministry.

Before the opening match of the 15th day of Ligue 1 Friday evening between Lens and Angers, spectators were thus informed that “the wearing of a mask (was) again compulsory in the enclosure and around the stadium for anyone aged 11 and over”.