July 1, 2022

Violence in Pontanézen: who are the individuals behind the incidents? – The spiral of violence in Pontanézen

“It is not normal for around twenty individuals to harm the image of a district where the majority of the inhabitants want to live in peace”, pointed out this Monday morning in the columns of the Telegram, the mayor of Brest François spoon. But who are the people behind the serious incidents, noted in recent days in the district of Pontanézen?

neighborhood children

This Monday, January 24, during the press conference organized at the sub-prefecture, the central commissioner of Brest, Nicolas Hoarau, returned to the profile of the people targeted. “Last Wednesday’s episode, where eight individuals were arrested during the police operation, is quite significant,” explained the central commissioner.

The central commissioner Nicolas Hoarau specified, this Monday, the profile of the individuals in question, after the violence committed in the district of Pontanézen. (Photo Le Télégramme/Rémy Quéméner)

“This sample is revealing of what is the hard core of crime in the Pontanézen district: minors, of course, but also young adults who had to be brought to justice in an immediate appearance last Friday. They are mainly young people from the neighborhood. We are also interested in a few outside individuals. But most of this hard core is from Pontanézen. For many, they are known to the police and justice services.

“More violent and hostile” urban excesses

The central commissioner Nicolas Hoarau estimates at “about thirty”, the number of individuals “that we find during episodes of urban drifts”. If the number of violent acts does not increase significantly, according to the police, the commissioner observes “a rise in power of the expression of urban excesses: much more violent and hostile. With a modus operandi that has appeared: the use of artificial mortar. This is a phenomenon that was not observed in Brest in previous years and Pontanézen is no exception to this drift. This implies adapting our operating methods so as to ensure tranquility on public roads in the district”.