May 24, 2022

Vincent Bolloré denies promoting Eric Zemmour in his media

“Vincent Bolloré is a deconstructionist. » The boss of Vivendi delivered a demonstration that could make the senators blink on Wednesday, January 19, when he was heard at the Luxembourg Palace by the commission of inquiry into concentration in the media.

Faced with the main shareholder of Canal+, two large publishing groups (Editis and Hachette), many newspapers (magazines of Prisma Media, JDD, Paris Match), one of the advertising heavyweights (Havas) and Europe 1 radio, the parliamentarians did not miss the opportunity to raise the case of Eric Zemmour, far-right presidential candidate, who had an hour of air time every evening on CNews for two years, before taking off politically.

“Nobody has the ambition to make chains of opinion”

Senator David Assouline (Socialist, Ecologist and Republican Group, Paris), rapporteur of the commission of inquiry, did not go there by four paths: “Is it unbeknownst to you that an extreme right-wing editorial line is imposing itself in your media? »

Billionaire’s response:

“You take little bits of things and put them together to try to make a story. You saw the controversy over iel [le pronom personnel de genre neutre récemment entré dans le Petit Robert]. Iel is the Petit Robert, the Petit Robert is Editis, Editis is Vincent Bolloré, so Vincent Bolloré is a deconstructionist. »

Concerning the candidate Eric Zemmour:

“He was publishing books in the hundreds of thousands of copies long before he returned to CNews. He’s on “Le Figaro”, he’s on 6, and coincidentally, it’s when he’s on CNews that it’s a problem. There is so much current of thoughts in our books, in our programs. No one thought he was going to be President of the Republic. »

“He’s not yet” corrects David Assouline. “Is the CNews channel an opinion TV? », then connects Senator Laurent Lafon (Centrist Union, Val-de-Marne). “No one has the ambition to try to make chains of opinion, it has no interest”, replies Vincent Bolloré. “You were the one who convinced Eric Zemour to come and work for you! », intervenes David Assouline.

Contractor response: “I don’t have the power to appoint anyone. » He adds that he does not have “Lunch only once” with the far-right candidate and that his program ” born [le] Do not look “. “The main part of the life of the group is cinema, sport and series, he argues. I say this to remove the fantasy of the political project. »

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Short of interviews, the Breton industrialist had already faced, in 2016 and for more than two hours, questions from a Senate commission, after his takeover of Vivendi.

While pleading for the constitution of a powerful group against the American giants Google, Amazon, Facebook, Apple and Netflix, Vincent Bolloré willingly lent himself to questions from parliamentarians, while throwing out at them: “I’m here to make the lightning rod, if it’s useful, that’s good”.

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