May 24, 2022

VIDEO – Northern California ravaged by the “Dixie Fire”

DISASTER – The “Dixie Fire”, a gigantic fire in California, ravaged a town in the north of the state overnight, destroying several historic buildings.

California ravaged by the “Dixie Fire”. This gigantic fire has already reduced to ashes more than 110,000 hectares, forcing part of the population of the north of the state to leave the area. Thursday, it is Greenville, a community of 800 inhabitants, which literally disappeared from the map.

Greenville was indeed engulfed by the flames of the Dixie Fire which devastated northern California for three weeks, fanned by stifling heat, an alarming drought and continuous winds. Images taken by an AFP photographer show metal lampposts bent in half by the heat of the fire and a few rare structures still standing. A gas station, hotel and bar were destroyed, along with some buildings over a century old, in this town built during the California Gold Rush in the mid-19th century.

A fire so vast that it creates its own climatic phenomena

The fire reached Greenville at around 4:00 p.m. Wednesday according to Jake Cagle, section chief on the disaster management team. In a video posted Wednesday evening, he said firefighters were being delayed by people not following evacuation orders, forcing them to sacrifice time and resources to come to their aid. In total, some 2,000 California residents were called on Wednesday to evacuate “immediately“their homes as the flames approached.

The Dixie Fire is so vast that it is at the origin of its own climatic phenomena: it has already created in recent days clouds called pyrocumulus which cause lightning, strong winds and in return feed the fire.

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According to a preliminary investigation, the fall of a tree on one of the thousands of electric cables which outline the American landscape is at the origin of the Dixie Fire. This power line is that of Pacific Gas & Company (PG&E), a private operator already guilty of causing Camp Fire, a blaze that nearly wiped the town of Paradise off the map and killed 86 people in 2018, just a few minutes away. kilometers from here.

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