May 24, 2022

VIDEO. Excavations in the Jubillar case: Cédric “rides the justice system from his cell” denounces the lawyer for Delphine’s cousin

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As soldiers and gendarmes begin a second day of excavations, not far from a farm, chemin de Drignac, in Cagnac-les-Mines (81), lawyer Philippe Pressecq, one of the civil parties, believes that Cédric Jubillar, accused of the murder of his wife whose body is still wanted for more than a year, “spends his time telling everything and anything to capture the light”. Interview.

You defend the interests of a cousin of Delphine Jubillar, Lolita Escobedo. How do you interpret the start of this new research, less than 2km from the Jubillar’s home?

These searches are necessitated by the statements that Cédric Jubillar made to his cell neighbor. I think we are in the context of a provocation by Cédric Jubillar; one more. A provocation and a manipulation. Since the start of this case, Cédric Jubillar provokes and manipulates his family, his new companion, the investigators, the examining magistrates. He spends his time telling everything and anything to capture the light. It gets sordid. He puts himself in the light, in the black light.

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Do these statements made by Cédric Jubillar to his ex-cell neighbor seem credible to you?

I can’t believe all of this. Cédric Jubillar denies with perfect constancy being the author of the disappearance of his wife and he would have confessed where the body is to a fellow prisoner he has known for three days! None of this is believable. Especially since when you are placed in pre-trial detention, the first thing you know is that you must not speak. The letters that we send are read. But we also have to check. Excavating places that have already been excavated is interesting. We know that Cédric Jubillar remained free for six months after the disappearance of his wife, the body was able to be moved during this period of time to places searched in first intention.

Lawyer Philippe Pressecq, DDM

Do you think these vast excavation operations can lead to anything?

Maybe we will find something, the unthinkable can happen. But it seems so incredible to me that Cédric Jubillar was able to confess, and for what purpose, this scenario to a fellow prisoner. Why ? To ask him to exhume the body? It doesn’t stand up. He was watched during those six months, but perhaps not permanently. Everyone wants Delphine’s body to be found. This is an important step in the grieving process. It is important to find the body of the victim to give him a decent burial. It is necessary that the examining magistrates continue to accumulate, not the truth as a whole, but small pieces of truth which, put end to end, must end up constituting a certainty, and in the end a guilt.

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How do you analyze the behavior of Cédric Jubillar so far?

Cédric Jubillar rides everyone. He must be delighted to see that the army comes to search and that important means are put in place on the basis of the statements he has made. But no one is fooled. We are dealing with a manipulator who speaks to a mythomaniac. But we cannot do without this research. This could be blamed later on in court. The judges are trapped by the statements of Cédric Jubillar. While one seeks there, one does not seek elsewhere. And while we run after his implausible statements, we do not look where it would take to find. The judges seek and they are obliged. Today, we put our finger on a very visible investigation, but the judges do not remain inactive. There are constant investigative acts that are not brought to the attention of the public. By dint of making these investigations, we should succeed in establishing certainty and guilt.