July 1, 2022

VIDEO. Death of the youtubeuse Mava Chou: accused of harassment, the ex-husband comes out of silence

Adrien Czajczynski, alias Adrien Vlog & Blabla, and Maëva Frossard, alias Mava Chou. (© Capture / Facebook)

The YouTuber Mava Chou, 32 years old and mother of four living in the Vosges, died just before Christmas. Her death, after months of online harassment, sparked a backlash after she filed five complaints.

A complaint has been filed on behalf of Maëva [Frossard, de son vrai nom] and her new spouse for moral harassment and provocation to suicide against her ex-husband and against X, just before his death, the day of the tragedy, announced his lawyer this weekend.

Her ex-husband, Adrien Czajczynski alias Adrien Vlog & Blabla, broke his silence on social networks and on YouTube by speaking in a video of just over three minutes.

“I must speak”

In a video posted this Sunday on his own YouTube channel, Adrien Czajczynski denies being at the origin of the cyberstalking which would have led to the death of Mava Chou, his ex-wife.

“I have to speak up,” he says in a video that has already been seen more than 140,000 times. He ensures “to provide support” to the children of the mother. The ex-husband points to “an envenomed hatred by the media and third parties”.

“I did everything possible to prevent the children from going through this tragedy”, continues the one who is implicated by the lawyer of the YouTuber. “Yes, I am touched, I am saddened despite the conflicts and animosity, resentment, Maëva will remain the mother of our four children”.

“Daily and massive harassment”

“In full mourning, I could see that the fate of the children was not your priority”, he accuses, evoking a “massive and daily harassment” and ensuring that anonymous people contact employers, relatives, schools or friends. “I will not let pass”.

Facing the camera, he then reads comments that he and his ex-partner would have received after the death of Maëva Frossard. “This is just a small example of what we receive by the thousands.” “I will protect my children, we will continue to support the children (…) they will remain my priority.

The Epinal prosecutor’s office has not yet officially communicated after the death of the youtubeuse and her filing of a complaint for moral harassment and provocation to suicide against her ex-husband and against X.

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