January 25, 2022

victim of rape during his childhood, Patrice Evra delivers a chilling testimony

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A chilling testimony. Invited on the set of BFMTV this Thursday morning, Patrice Evra, in full promotion of his autobiography, “I love this game”, spoke about the rapes he suffered during his childhood. The former principal of his college, author of these abuses, offered to stay asleep three nights a week in order to avoid long journeys.

“It was perfect, I no longer needed to take my train at 5 am, he was cooking for me, I could play Super Nintendo.” But unfortunately every night it was a nightmare, a fight. Margaux (his wife) was very important because she succeeded in sweeping away this toxic masculinity. My father’s education was “if you cry, it’s a sign of weakness”. I erased all my emotions. Even a few times, when I won trophies, I pretended to be happy because I had blocked all my emotions and I could not communicate with anyone, ”said Patrice Evra, according to comments relayed by RMC Sport.

“it is not a question of courage”

The legendary Manchester United left-back then continued: “We’re ashamed of ourselves, we don’t want to talk about it. From that point on, when I hung up the phone, I grew up with that weight my whole life. When people said to me, “Pat, you’re a good guy”, I felt like a coward because I had abandoned several children, several people who had been in the same situation. Once, I spoke in front of 800 people in England and a woman burst into tears saying to me: “at 9 years old, I was raped by my brother and I never spoke about it to my father, nor to my mother”. I give hope to many people.

It’s easy to say “we must speak”. You have to be ready. When I am told “bravo for your courage”, no, it is not a question of courage. Just because these people don’t speak doesn’t mean they’re not courageous. It’s so difficult that we are so ashamed and we want to bury him. “

During his career, Patrice Evra has notably won five English championships and one Champions League.

to summarize

In full promotion of his autobiography “I love this games”, the former left side of the team of France and Manchester United, Patrice Evra, delivered a chilling testimony about the rapes of which he was the victim in college.