May 22, 2022

Valérie Pécresse’s campaign worries the right



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Yet well placed to access the second round according to recent polls, the LR candidate is losing ground. In particular because of his delicate position between the electorate of Macron and that of Le Pen.

The campaign on the right, among the Republicans, is that of Valérie Pécresse. We deepen it on set with Julien Nény, political journalist for 23h de franceinfo. The optimism at the start of the campaign is fading. “A little wind of slingshot has been blowing for a few days now on the campaign of Valérie Pécresse”, he explains. “Candidate LR’s strategy is considered too cautious and too techno by more and more of her supporters”, emphasizes Julien Nény.

Her position straddling the electorate of Emmanuel Macron and that of the disappointed potentials of Eric Zemmour does not facilitate the task of the Republican candidate. Despite this Valérie Pécresse remains well placed with 15% to 17% of voting intentions, neck and neck with Marine Le Pen for the second round. “She is betting a lot on February 13, the date of the first major meeting scheduled at the Zénith de Paris”, concludes Julien Nény.


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