May 22, 2022

Valérie Pécresse is reviewing her plans for salary increases (and it’s because of the employers)

POLITICS – The objective “remains the same” but the form is changed. Valérie Pécresse, LR presidential candidate, still wants to increase private sector salaries if she comes to power next May. On this, she remains firm. But she has reviewed her method, after complaints from employers, reports the newspaper The echoes.

During the race for the nomination of the LR candidate, last fall, Valérie Pécresse announced that she intended to increase salaries by 10%, up to “2.2 Smic”, making it one of her strong measures to improve the purchasing power of the French, a key issue in this campaign.

To achieve this, it relied mainly on companies: these had to take charge of employees’ old-age contributions to mechanically increase the net pay of employees. Cost of the measure for companies? About 8 billion euros.

Unsurprisingly, the plan did not please those concerned at all. “It was tantamount to increasing the cost of labor, we sent the message to his team that this posed a real problem”, explains an employer source to the economic daily. And the candidate on the right has corrected her copy.

Companies encouraged, but not obliged

Valérie Pécresse always proposes to lower social security contributions, but now only at the expense of the State. A first gesture will be made in the summer with a reduction in social security contributions of 2.4% for all employees. The companies will then be responsible for “maintaining the momentum” generated, explains Frédéric Lemoine, in charge of the candidate’s program.

To help them, a “Joint Wage Observatory” will be created and responsible for monitoring the annual increase in wages, with “A first objective of +5% over two years in 2023”, specify The echoes.

This change of foot has somewhat creaked internally, reports the newsletter of Politico. And he made the elected macronists happy, delighted to underline what they present as an inconsistency of the rival LR. “Already a buried promise. How serious!”, mocked LREM deputy and budget rapporteur Laurent Saint-Martin, praising the “consistency” of Macron’s five-year measures.

In Valérie Pécresse’s campaign team, we procrastinate by recalling the “two other strong measures for the purchasing power of employees”, reports Politico quoting a thematic manager of the campaign. Namely “overtime” and the redemption of RTT. This last proposal is not new on the right: Valérie Pécresse borrowed it from Nicolas Sarkozy, decidedly one of his inspirations.

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