May 22, 2022

Vaccination pass: from February 15, the recovery certificate will also only be valid for 4 months

Millions of French people are concerned, but the measure had not yet been clearly announced. In the middle of a short video calling for vaccination and posted this Friday on Twitter, Olivier Véran indicates that the corrigendum for recovery following a positive test will only give right to the vaccination pass, from February 15, only during four months. Currently, this period is six months. This change is also included in an information note from the Ministry of Health, posted online on Thursday.

Until then, it was mainly announced that the vaccine pass would be deactivated after four months since the last injection for people vaccinated but not yet having their booster dose, compared to seven months currently. But for those who tested positive, it was never made clear that the time frame would also be shortened. “An infection will always be equivalent to an injection”, had simply indicated the Minister of Health on January 2, in the JDD.

One month to receive your reminder

Contacted by Le Parisien, Olivier Véran’s entourage confirms this double change to come on February 15. The goal is to “harmonize the rules” for those vaccinated who are awaiting their recall, and for the inhabitants who have been infected.

The certificate of recovery is granted to anyone who tests positive, whether they have already received one, two, or no doses of vaccine. Since September 28, that is to say four months ago, nearly 12 million inhabitants in France have tested positive.

A positive person before completing his complete vaccination schedule (including the booster injection) will be able to receive his “booster” dose from three months after infection. As her recovery certificate will only be valid for four months, she will therefore only have thirty days to get vaccinated. Hence the importance of bearing in mind this new deadline in force from February 15, so as not to find yourself deprived of a restaurant, cinema or even a football stadium overnight.