July 1, 2022

UEFA coefficients: with the victory of Rennes on the green carpet, France takes first place in the current season! – Soccer

At the end of the group stage in the three European Cups, France is at the top of the UEFA coefficient rankings for the current season. Rennes’ victory on the green carpet against Tottenham allows France to overtake the Netherlands and England.

France has a great European season

Who said that the victory on the green carpet of Rennes against Tottenham pronounced Monday by the appeal chamber of the UEFA counted for butter in France?

If the Rennes were indeed already qualified without playing this meeting of the Europa League Conference, this decision is not without consequences for France. She is taking advantage of this success to take first place in the UEFA coefficient rankings for the current season!

France doubles the Netherlands and England

Before this verdict, France occupied 3rd place in this ranking with 14.083 points, behind the Netherlands (14.200 points) and England (14.142 points). Rennes’ victory allows them to collect an additional 0.333 points, bringing the total to 14.416 points *. Small precision for the calculation: a victory brings 2 points then we divide by the number of French representatives this season, that is to say 6.

For their part, the Netherlands have also increased their coefficient since Tottenham’s withdrawal resulted in Vitesse Arnhem in 2nd place in the group. With the bonus point for qualifying, the Netherlands collect an additional 0.2 points (1 point divided by the 5 Dutch representatives) and total 14,400 points, which is not enough to stay ahead of France.

France is getting closer to its record

With this total, France already has its best record over the last ten years (14.416 points in 2016-2017) and is still getting a little closer to its record (15 points in 2009-2010). This confirms the good form of Ligue 1 clubs on the European scene this season. And with all of its representatives still in contention at the end of the group stage, France seems well on course to achieve a historic season.

However, this will not be enough to make up for the delay in the ranking of the UEFA coefficients over the period 2017-2022, the reference period for the allocation of European places. Fifth with 56.081 points, France still remains very far from England (99.783 points), Spain (89.855 points), Italy (72.902 points) and Germany (70.784 points). But this season could well start a comeback … which will then have to be confirmed. In the meantime, if France remains 5th in the ranking by 2023, it will obtain four tickets (3 + 1), against three currently (2 + 1), for the new formula of the Champions League from the 2024 edition – 2025

At the time of writing this article, UEFA has not yet updated its ranking with the victory of Rennes and all the bonuses already acquired by the various nations. What does this first place in France inspire you? Do not hesitate to react and discuss in the area add a comment