January 26, 2022

Two anti-Covid self-tests per week for 6th year students

COVID – Guest from FranceInter this morning, the Minister of Education Jean-Michel Blanquer made several announcements to fight against the contaminations of Covid-19 in the classes. Among them, the obligation for 6th year students to carry out two self-tests per week. The measure will be applied from Monday, November 29.

“The 6th year classes are a special case, because the children are under 12 and are not vaccinated. I am announcing a new measure that we are going to take: the distribution of self-tests to 6th year students, corresponding to two self-tests per week ”, the minister indicated on France Inter.

The self-tests will be provided to each 6th year college student by the National Education and will be done “with the family”. Clearly, it is up to parents to apply them to their child. “We will give a box of ten self-tests valid for five weeks to 6th year students,” said Jean-Michel Blanquer.

The school’s educational team (management, teachers, etc.) must then check the validity of each student’s test. The presentation of a negative test “is not a matter of medical confidentiality”, also added the Minister of Education.

To explain this new measure, Jean-Michel Blanquer emphasized the “special” nature of 6th year college students. This age group is generally under 12 years old. A part of the population for which vaccination is not open in France, but which could be from 2022.

However, the virus is currently circulating extensively in children. The number of classes closed due to the Covid-19 epidemic this week stands at 8,890, or 1.70% of classes in the country, the Ministry of National Education announced on Friday.

“It’s a lot, it’s important that it doesn’t go too far. We have already been up to 12,000 closed classes, I remind you, ”commented Jean-Michel Blanquer on France Inter. But at the time, classes including college and high school closed in the first instance.

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