January 26, 2022

to encourage holders of fake health passes to “get in order”, Olivier Véran says he is working on “a repentance system”

The Minister of Health announced Wednesday that he was working with the Minister of Justice on a system which would make it possible to avoid any legal action against holders of false passes, because “the emergency is health”.

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To fight against the trafficking of fake health passes, the government is working on the establishment of a “repentance system”, Olivier Véran announced to the National Assembly, during his hearing by the Social Affairs and Law committees on Wednesday, December 15. While the government announced record figures for the Covid-19 epidemic in France, the Minister of Health considers that “the emergency is health”. In this context, it is necessary that “someone who would benefit from a forged document can put himself in order and that there be abandonment of proceedings”, he estimated.

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Olivier Véran affirms that he is working on this subject and that he has “spoke to Eric Dupond-Moretti, the Keeper of the Seals”. “It seems quite logical to me, because the urgent need is for people to get vaccinated and be protected”, he said.

For Olivier Véran, “Someone should not be prevented from getting vaccinated because they already have a fake pass and are told: ‘You have already had your two doses’ and the person is very fragile. It is showing humanity. “