January 25, 2022

Three meters of snow in Pas de la Casa: the incredible images of the Andorran road cleared of snow

Reopening access to Andorra has not been an easy task. The proof in pictures. (© Dirso / Météo Pyrénées)

Reopen the road to Andorra Sunday, December 12, 2021 was not an easy task as evidenced by the images taken by Dirso.

No less than 3 meters of snow fell in the space of a few days in Pas-de-la-Case. A depth of snow sometimes amplified by the wind which formed significant snow drifts.

Amazing pictures

After seeing dozens of motorists get trapped on Friday evening, the authorities logically decided to fclose the road to Andorra. It was only after a lot of work by the equipment services that the road could be opened again on Sunday.

The snow removal vehicle had to make its way between two walls of snow.

The images are quite incredible and are reminiscent of winters that those under forty could not have known.

Lots of people on Sunday

On Sunday, as soon as the road was reopened, motorists again gathered towards the highest city in Europe.

A snow record in December

This weekend, it is a record of snow depth for the month of December which was broken in the Pyrenees.

“Extraordinary: the bar of 3 meters of snow is crossed this evening in the Pyrenees, in Haute Ariège, at the Nivose de l’Hospitalet, 2293 m. This is the first time that a layer of 3 meters has been measured in December in the Pyrenees, testified François Jobard of Météo France.

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