January 26, 2022

three members of the “Dalton” sentenced to prison terms or suspended

Arrested in Bron (Rhône), during a rodeo initiated by the group known as the “Dalton”, three young people from 8e district of Lyon, aged 19 and 20, were sentenced by the criminal court of the capital of Gaul, Friday, November 26, to sentences ranging from six months in prison suspended to twelve months, including six closed.

They had participated in a rodeo, led on October 23 by about thirty individuals, two of whom were disguised in the yellow and black outfits of the Dalton brothers, which had become the trademark of a nebulous collective, originally, for three months. , of a series of protean provocations in the Lyon region.

Made up of several machines, motorcycles and quads, the convoy was intercepted by around thirty police officers, including thirteen motorcyclists from the motorized public security brigade. Following the three arrests, departmental security investigators seized five two-wheelers, as well as a drone and a shotgun, found during a search.

In four months, the judicial authorities opened seven inquiries, made nine arrests, for six convictions. According to a police commissioner, “From ten to twenty individuals” constitute the hard core of the Dalton, to which occasional participants aggregate, in an unpredictable way. “Where is the real one, the false one?” We don’t really know where the border is ”, describes Mohamed Chihi, deputy mayor of Lyon in charge of security and public tranquility. The police have a harder tooth. “Little neighborhood thugs highlighted by the media”, sums up a senior official.

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The Bron episode was a turning point. The Minister of the Interior welcomed the police operation in a tweet as early as October 23. “No impunity in the face of urban rodeos which are rotting the lives of the inhabitants of certain neighborhoods”, wrote Gerald Darmanin, attaching to his message a photo showing an individual disguised as Dalton pinned to the ground. Which did not help calm the spirits. On their Instagram account, the animators of the Dalton group responded by placing the face of the minister on the character of Lucky Luke. “He catches one, there are ten more.” It’s exponential, it will never stop ”, boasted a spokesperson on the social network, in convict outfit, face masked and voice modified. Gérald Darmanin asked, without success, to close their Instagram account.

A “provocative” spirit

Six days after the ministerial tweet, four individuals riding powerful scooters and a yellow and black painted motorcycle turned on Place Bellecour, an emblematic pedestrian area of ​​the capital of the Gauls. Faced with the outcry, the group sought to change its image. On November 4, an individual in Dalton uniform crossed the lawn of Groupama Stadium, laughing, during the OL-Prague football match.

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