January 25, 2022

things get stuck with AS Vitré, future opponents in the Cup

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AS Vitré has just published a press release to oppose the decision of the French Federation, which has decided to play the round of 16 of the Coupe de France against FC Nantes in… la Beaujoire. The residents of National 2 do not understand why their stadium is not approved and why the FFF hastened to fix a new place while work was envisaged by the municipality.

“Following our qualification last weekend against AS Panazol and the draw offering us for the round of 16 the reception of the Ligue 1 club FC Nantes, the club management and its volunteers got together. mobilized to prepare in the best possible way this exceptional event in the life of an amateur club, can we read in the press release. Our priority being to be able to offer all Vitréens and Vitréennes the most beautiful holiday by welcoming FC Nantes in Vitré at the Municipal Stadium. The classification of our sports facility level T1 to T3 with regard to article 6-2 of the rules for the grounds of the Coupe de France allowed us to consider it. Unfortunately, on Monday December 20 at 12 noon, the Federal Commission of the Coupe de France asked us to provide it with a fallback sports facility before Wednesday, December 22, 2022 for security reasons. Upon reading this decision, the club immediately approached the institutes. ons (Town Hall, Prefecture) but also professional football clubs in the region to jointly find the best solution for the organization of this round of 16. Despite the investment and listening to all parties, it quickly became clear that the match could not be organized in Rennes or Laval due to various constraints. “

“The club appealed the decision”

“It is therefore with relentlessness that the entire club accompanied by the City of Vitré has worked to provide solid arguments demonstrating the ability of the club to receive this match at the Municipal Stadium in Vitré in complete safety. It is therefore with amazement that we learned today of the decision of the Federal Commission of the Coupe de France to reverse the order of the match and have it play at the Stade de La Beaujoire on Sunday January 2, 2022 at 1:45 pm How to explain to our players , staff, volunteers and to all Vitreans that we can deprive them of the party they deserved? And even though the club alongside the City Hall worked hard to demonstrate its ability to organize this match to Vitré. This is the reason why the club appealed against the decision of the Federal Commission of the Coupe de France. We now hope that the slogan of the Coupe de France “The Cup of all possible” will be respected and that ‘we will not deprive an amateur club of the fê te that all his supporters deserve. “

AS Vitré does not want to play at Beaujoire

The Federal Commission for the Coupe de France decided that the AS Vitré field was not approved for the reception of FC Nantes in the round of 16 of the Coupe de France. The National 2 club refuses that the game is played at La Beaujoire.