July 1, 2022

the victim says he is “extremely shocked”, the doctor recognizes “a gross error”

This surgeon had tried to auction off an X-ray showing a bullet lodged in the arm of a Bataclan survivor whom he says he operated on.

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The initiative caused an outcry and the anger of the AP-HP. A surgeon offered for sale an NFT (sort of digital title deed of an image) of an X-ray of the arm of a survivor of the November 13 attacks, on which we see a bullet fired by the terrorists, has revealed Mediapart on Saturday January 22. The young woman reacted through her lawyer Elodie Abraham on Monday: she is “extremely shocked” over there “mercantile approach” and the “contempt” of the doctor, says the press release sent to AFP.

“This doctor, not content with violating the medical secrecy of this patient, saw fit to describe the private life of this young woman on the online sales site, thus making her perfectly identifiable”.

Elodie Abraham, victim’s lawyer

in a statement to AFP

The lawyer adds that the surgeon, who practices at the Georges-Pompidou hospital in Paris, does not “does not seem to have taken the measure of his act since he did not hesitate to contact the victim on Sunday, to justify himself without showing the slightest regret or the slightest empathy for him”.

Joined by franceinfo on Sunday evening, the latter had finally mentioned “a mistake” and said to himself “sorry for the victims”. He published a press release on his Twitter account in the evening, in which he wrote to have “totally misguided in an inept and misplaced move that legitimately offended those whom[il avait] had the honor of caring for: the victims of attacks”. He assures that the NFT had not found a buyer and that he withdrew it from sale. According to Mediapart, he asked for 2,776 dollars (about 2,450 euros).

Saturday evening, the boss of the AP-HP Martin Hirsch had announced his intention to take legal action and the council of the College of Physicians. The victim reserves “the freedom to join in these procedures, so that the exemplary nature of the sanctions is commensurate with the seriousness of the violation and the contempt shown by this doctor”, wrote his lawyer on Monday.