January 24, 2022

the United Kingdom is doing all it can to combat the variant



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It has been circulating in Great Britain for two weeks, and the Omicron variant already represents 40% of Covid contaminations. By the end of the week, he will be in the majority. A first death linked to this variant has been confirmed by British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who calls on all adults to recall. He wants a million people to be immunized a day.

Two hours of waiting Monday, December 13 in front of this vaccination center near Big Ben, in London (United Kingdom). The British rush to the third dose. It is now open to all people over 18, a measure urgently decreed by Prime Minister Boris Johnson in the face of what he describes as an Omicron variant tidal wave. Government objective: one million injections per day by the end of the year, with the reinforcement of the army.

The United Kingdom is using great means because new studies, although partial, worry. Two doses would no longer sufficiently prevent the symptomatic forms in the face of the Omicron variant. The British are also having to deal with teleworking, which has once again become the norm. And a daily test for seven days for people in contact, even double-vaccinated, is mandatory, unprecedented in the country. According to an estimate cited by the British Minister of Health, the Omicron variant is currently circulating at the alarming rate of 200,000 contaminations per day in the country. A figure that would exceed all the records ever recorded in the United Kingdom since the start of the pandemic.

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