January 26, 2022

“The song where I came closest to losing consciousness”

We know he is discreet even if he is omnipresent at the head of the Red Bull Racing team, alongside Christian Horner and Helmut Marko. Sunday at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, Adrian Newey saw his efforts rewarded by rediscovering the joys of the world title. The technical director of the Milton Keynes team is known to have won championships almost everywhere he has gone, with the successes of Williams and McLaren in the 90s and then Red Bull in the early 2010s. he contributed to the world title of Max Verstappen. So the Briton confided his emotion, after a final from which he had a hard time recovering!

“There are so many emotions in a race like this”, he explained to Sky Sports microphone. “Obviously in the laps leading up to the safety car, it felt like everything was slipping away from us. So you start to think back to the year and what you could have done, at some unlucky times, at Copse. [à Silverstone] in particular which, personally, always makes me in the dark about what happened there. And then there was the safety car, and of course we were lucky. There’s no two ways to talk about the safety car but if I think about it, and of course I know I’m biased, but I think all in all, Max deserved it. “

For Adrian Newey, the scenario makes this world title necessarily apart, he who has yet experienced the end of the season disputed and under high tension. “This is the one where I was closest to having a heart attack and losing consciousness afterwards”, he admits. “I have known other titles that were played in the last race, of course, but none in the last lap, and it was amazing, absolutely amazing.”

Max Verstappen crosses the finish line in Abu Dhabi.

The world drivers’ title conquered by Max Verstappen crowns the work of Red Bull with his RB16B. A machine with which the Austrian team negotiated the regulatory changes imposed last winter and aimed at reducing downforce. A technical change that benefited him?

“It’s hard to know exactly”, answers Adrian Newey. “We all voted for the rule changes. Did it work better for us than at Mercedes? It seems that was certainly the case at the start of the year, then in the last Grands Prix they came back very Overall we had probably the fastest car out there, and that has to pay tribute to everyone at the factory. We’re all in the spotlight here but what people did at the factory , my colleagues, the engineers, everyone, the support we get when we’re here and they give us is amazing. “

Adrian Newey has contributed in the past to the success of World Champions like Damon Hill, Jacques Villeneuve, Mika Häkkinen or Sebastian Vettel. Today, his collaboration with Max Verstappen impresses him just as much, in particular by the ease he finds in working with the Dutchman.

“Yes, he’s aggressive, but I think overall he’s very loyal, he’s got such talent, such driving”, he sums up. “He’s still very young, he can still learn, he’s just amazing. And the best part about him is that he’s easy to work with. There is no pretenses he comes and goes to work. I love this guy, he’s amazing. “

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