May 22, 2022

The Socialist Party on the verge of a nervous breakdown

Pierre Jouvet, 35, spokesperson for the Socialist Party (PS) and active member of Anne Hidalgo’s presidential campaign, is young but wise. When it comes to reacting to the tensions as palpable as they are recurring between Olivier Faure, first secretary of the PS, and the candidate, whom he wants to minimize, but which do not contribute to the progress of the latter, he advises: “The campaign is already complicated enough. We have to stop this game of sound bites, stop throwing banana peels at each other. That we stop talking to ourselves, that only interests the microcosm. No, Olivier Faure cannot be accused of high treason because he would play a double game in his support for Anne Hidalgo. No way ! We support the candidacy of Anne Hidalgo with loyalty and determination, and we turn to the citizens and their immediate concerns. » Historic support of Olivier Faure since his election as party leader in 2018, Pierre Jouvet has also learned to appreciate the mayor of Paris. He has become a transmission belt between the two: “ I really like this sentence from Aimé Jacquet during the 1998 World Cup: “We live together, we die together.” »

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We would like to believe it. Indeed, the two protagonists appear too weak to engage in an open war. Anne Hidalgo’s campaign looks like an ordeal for the moment, accentuated by a fifth place in the popular Primary. Olivier Faure no longer has the means for a coup. Half of her national office is involved in the candidate’s campaign. They would like so much to calm things down, but the list of mutual reproaches is so long…

“Anne, she is made of titanium”

Anne Hidalgo criticizes Olivier Faure for not having sufficiently renewed the socialist vision. She accuses him of letting people think that he is looking for a more favorable scenario than his own candidacy and of only worrying about the legislative elections. She also blames him for too much support for the popular Primary. Last jolt to date: Monday, January 31, Corinne Narassiguin, number two of the PS, spoke on the site of the Sunday newspaper : “There must be a dialogue with Christiane Taubira. »

Olivier Faure criticizes Anne Hidalgo for not listening to anyone and for having caused trouble among activists with her waltz-hesitation on the primary (non-participation – participation – non-participation). He reproaches him for having inducted, within his campaign team, the worst of his intimate enemies. Hélène Geoffroy, Patrick Mennucci, Philippe Doucet… Figures of Debout the socialists, the main current of opposition to the first secretary. « Anne gave us a place in the campaign system, because we have become strong in the PS, and she knows that we have no moods to support her, intervenes Mr. Doucet. I supported Olivier Faure to become first secretary. Before building a motion against him at the last congress, because it has become unbearable this non-work and this permanent sculling between political lines. The risk, for him, is that he finds himself in the minority. So, if he still wants to unplug Anne Hidalgo, I wish him a lot of fun. Anyway, he won’t want to put on the traitor’s costume, and Anne, she’s made of titanium. But otherwise, everything is fine.

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