January 26, 2022

the Seine as a backdrop, 600,000 spectators expected … The main features of the opening ceremony officially unveiled

Innovative. Universal. Popular. Grandiose. Pioneer. The opening ceremony of the Olympic Games in Paris 2024 has not yet taken place, it calls for superlatives. The first outlines of the event, unveiled Monday, December 13 at a press conference, are beyond doubt: this ceremony promises to be like no other before in the history of the Games. The organizing committee focused this eagerly awaited meeting of July 26, 2024 on the opening, with the Seine as an unexpected setting and an influx expected to break all records.

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Those who hoped to rush to the ticket office to get their place at the Stade de France for the opening ceremony of the Paris Olympics will have to review their plans. Those who feared they might not be able to fight for their precious sesame too. And all will be able to rejoice. For the first time in the history of Olympism, the opening ceremony granted itself a stadium exit permit. Paris 2024 will forever be the first Olympic Games to whet your appetite in the heart of the host city.

The 6-kilometer course along the Parisian river will run from the Pont d’Austerlitz to the Pont d’Iéna, ending with the Eiffel Tower in the background, where the lighting of the Olympic cauldron will take place.

It will see the majority of the capital’s iconic places parade: the Notre-Dame Cathedral, the Louvre Museum, the Place de la Concorde, the Tuileries Garden and the Invalides, among many others. “Paris 2024 wants to magnify the exceptional heritage of our country and its capital, and provoke unique emotions through the encounter between sport and Art, explains the organization. The ceremony will be an opportunity to highlight our multiple cultural heritages and to reinterpret them, around sport. It will reveal to the world the most beautiful of France: its heritage, its history, its creativity and its daring..”

An ephemeral opera at the Trocadéro under the gaze of the Eiffel Tower, the highlight of the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games in Paris 2024. (Paris 2024 / Florian Hulleu)

Exceptional staging, exceptional opportunity. For the 10,500 athletes (206 delegations expected) who will have obtained their qualification, it is a real guided tour of the heart of Paris that is offered to them, aboard some 160 boats. A show to which the public is more than invited. He will even be one of the main players.

“How to ensure that as many people as possible, mostly for free, attend the ceremony: this is the fundamental benefit of this ceremony. The starting point of everything is to know if we can go from 60,000 people who have paid expensive tickets and who are privileged to 600,000, most of which will have free access “, welcomes Thierry Reboul, executive director of the brand, events and ceremonies of Paris 2024.

As the Paris 2024 Organizing Committee had already advanced in recent months, this ceremony will be in the same perspective of accessibility as the rest of the competition with access to the high stands which will be free. Paid tickets will be on sale for access to the low stands soon.

Sound system and 80 giant screens installed throughout the course“will allow all spectators to enjoy the entire show, which should last more than three hours. Entertainment and performances will also take place on the iconic bridges crossed along the route (eight to ten, including the Pont Neuf, the Pont des Arts, or the Pont Alexandre III).

Sports performances will take place on the bridges along the route of the opening ceremony of the Paris 2024 Olympic Games (Paris 2024 / Florian Hulleu)

First ceremony outside a stadium, first ceremony with free access (tickets sold from € 31 for the Rio Olympics in 2016, from € 91 when they go on sale for the Tokyo Games), more great affluence of history… Paris 2024 ties its history with that of the Games in France, the cradle of Olympism. This first appetizer is already salivating.