January 29, 2022

The RN12 blocked for two hours from Brest by the yellow vests – Brest

The wind, the cold and the rain did not therefore cool the ardor of certain yellow vests who had announced that they wanted to join Brest to Morlaix by walking on the RN12. This Saturday, November 27, in the morning, about fifty of them met at the roundabout of Penn-ar-C’hleuz, in Brest.

Undeclared event

The yellow vests finally agreed to leave the expressway and at 11 am, the road was again accessible in the Brest-Morlaix direction. (Photo Le Télégramme / Catherine Le Guen)

Accompanied by a dozen vehicles, the yellow vests, equipped with backpacks, started their march, while the police neutralized access to the expressway behind them in the Brest-Morlaix direction. This demonstration, although announced in the press, had not been declared at the prefecture.

A few kilometers further, the procession was stopped by a roadblock of gendarmerie and police vehicles, at Kergaradec. After a long negotiation, the yellow vests agreed to leave the expressway and join their evening stop, in Saint-Servais, by taking the small roads. Their vehicles, on the other hand, were not to follow them, but to rally the Saint-Servais stage immediately so as not to cause traffic disruptions. Their goal is to meet in Morlaix, this Sunday, November 28, around 5 p.m.

A crime involving a 2,500 € fine

“Any event is subject to declaration. The RN12 is a particularly dangerous axis and this hinders freedom of movement “, underlines Thomas Vernier, commander of the departmental gendarmerie company of Brest, who spoke with the representatives of the yellow vests” with firmness, but in dialogue and kindness “.

The arrival of three trailer trucks called to remove vehicles likely to continue to obstruct traffic caused protesters to react. “We are good guys, we’re going to be in civil war soon!” Are we going to become delinquents? “.

Finally after negotiations, the demonstrators agreed to release the expressway. “Obstructing traffic is an offense that can lead to a fine of € 2,500, not counting the cost of removal and impoundment. We cannot demonstrate on the roads, it is an obstacle to freedom of movement, they have undertaken to walk on the side of the road, without their vehicles ”.