January 18, 2022

The resigned Archbishop of Paris denies any connection with a woman

His resignation was accepted in early December by the Pope after he was accused in the press of having had an intimate relationship with a woman. In an interview with Parisian published Tuesday 14 December, Mgr Michel Aupetit, the resigned Archbishop of Paris, denies any connection and says he is “Victim of a cabal”.

At the end of November, an article in the weekly Point affirmed that Michel Aupetit had had in 2012, when he was not yet archbishop, an intimate and consented relationship with a woman, which the man of the Church categorically denies. An email sent by mistake by the prelate left little doubt, according to the weekly, about the relationship maintained. “She was a person who, as often happens when you are a priest or a doctor, becomes attached because she suffers from loneliness. She wrote to me every day. I answered a mail and my secretary was able to read it, since we shared the same mailbox ”, defends himself Mgr Michel Aupetit in the Parisian. “There was no affair. This person once had a pain in his back. I gave her a massage to relieve her. I remind you that I am a doctor ”, he specifies.

December 8, Paris Match published photos of him in the company of a Belgian theologian, Laetitia Calmeyn. “It has nothing to do with a loving relationship or having sex. It’s a friendship (…). I find it despicable that it is soiled ”said the Archbishop. He says he had lunch with her in a small bistro before walking with her in the forest of Meudon. “If you can’t eat with a friend anymore without a paparazzi photographing you, what world do we live in?” “ According to him, his lawyer, Mr.e Jean Reinhart, is currently drafting a defamation complaint. “I cannot accept that my silence is interpreted as an admission of guilt”, he continues.

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“Reputation achieved”

After accepting the resignation of Michel Aupetit on December 2, the Pope declared that the Archbishop could no longer govern because his “Reputation has been damaged”, evoking a “Breach” at the sixth commandment (“You will not commit adultery”), “Not total but small caresses and massages that he gave to his secretary”. “I think he mixed up the elements of the story a bit. My poor secretary has nothing to do with all of this. I know her husband and his family well. I baptized his grandchildren ”, he explains.

Asked during his interview to find out whether he felt he was the victim of a cabal, Mr.gr Aupetit answers ” Yes “. “I was designated people, networks who resented me and who took action. But I have no proof. I prayed to God not to put bitterness in my heart and I prayed for those who want to hurt me. “

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