January 26, 2022

the real cost of overheating



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The 100 euros of the energy bonus paid to 38 million French people will quickly be used. INSEE estimates that the price increase costs 64 euros more per month per household.

An increase of 41% from price from gas, 21% for gasoline and + 3% for electricity. Behind these figures from INSEE, an increasingly complicated reality for some French people. For a few months now, Vanessa Laniesse has sold her car, no longer being able to pay for gasoline. At home, the thermostat was lowered one degree. “They say that this represents a saving of 7% on the invoice”, explains the single mother of three. “I went from 105 to 130 euros bill over a month.”

According to INSEE, each household has seen its energy expenditure increase by 64 euros per month. The surge in prices could have repercussions on all other consumer goods, as Julien Pouget of INSEE explains. “Prices for manufactured goods and food products are expected to rise.” At the start of 2022, inflation is expected to rise to 2.5% according to the latest estimates.

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