January 26, 2022

The PS5 and the controller will see life in color (and finally in black!)

Sony is preparing for 2022. But failing to announce new stocks of PlayStation 5 consoles, the Japanese manufacturer has unveiled colored facades and their matching controllers.

New colors for PS5 plates and DualSense controllers

The new colors for the PS5 plates and DualSense controllers // Source: Sony

Did you want it in black? You will also be able to choose between red, purple, pink and sky blue to decorate your PlayStation 5. These are not the new colors of the next consoles always so difficult to find, but the color accessories unveiled by Sony on Monday to dress the latest comer.

We understand better that Sony has embarked on an open war with the accessory dbrand which was the first to market black facades to customize its PlayStation 5. With threats, PlayStation had obtained the withdrawal of the product, to better return to load. This is exactly the same concept, but available in several “galaxy inspired” colors.

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As with the previous DualSense controllers, the matching Cosmic Red (red) and Midnight Black (black) versions are offered among the five plate models alongside the Starlight Blue (sky blue), Galactic Purple (purple) and Nova Pink (pink). .

No consoles, but facades to dress them

The choice to forget the slightly icy white of the original model. And as with dbrand, you just have to remove the current plates from the console and replace them with the new facades to give your console a little pep.

New facades for PS5

The new fronts for PS5 // Source: Sony

PS5 fronts are available for models with or without Blu-ray player. To match it all, Sony is adding three variations to its range of DualSense controllers in purple, blue and pink.

To accompany the controllers already on the market, the red and black facades will be available from January 2022, like the new DualSense controllers. The other facade colors, on the other hand, will arrive during the first half of the year.

The new colors of the DualSense controllers

The new colors of the DualSense controllers // Source: Sony

A nice announcement from Sony, but one that may make players cringe a little who can’t get their hands on the new console. The Japanese maker said the component shortage could still disrupt production and delivery at least until the end of next year.

The arrival of the plates could therefore prove to be of little use for lack of consoles available. Xbox seems to have managed its inventory better and the Xbox Series X⎮S sold better than their competitors for the first time during Black Friday week. But on the American side too, it is announced that consoles deliveries are still difficult.

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