July 2, 2022

The prefecture of Oise orders the temporary closure of the great mosque of Beauvais

The prefecture of Oise has ordered the closure of the great mosque of Beauvais for six months, in particular because of sermons “Inciting hatred”, “To violence” and “Advocating jihad”, she announced, Tuesday, December 28.

“The prefect of the Oise took a decree on Monday relating to the closure of the great mosque of Beauvais for a period of six months. This decree is enforceable after forty-eight hours ”, specified the prefecture. This place of worship accommodates some four hundred faithful.

Samim Bolaky, the lawyer for the Espoir et Fraternité association, which manages this mosque, announced to Agence France-Presse that he had seized the administrative court of Amiens with an interim relief against this decision. A hearing must take place within forty-eight hours, according to the lawyer.

On December 14, the Minister of the Interior, Gérald Darmanin, announced that the procedure for the administrative closure of this mosque had been initiated – due, according to him, to the radical nature of the sermons. “We initiated the closure of the Beauvais mosque, [qui est] completely unacceptable, which fights Christians, homosexuals, Jews ”, the minister said on CNews television.

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Apology for jihad and incitement to hatred

Mr. Bolaky then believed that the authorities were targeting “Certain remarks made during the sermons by one of the imams of the mosque since suspended who intervened on a voluntary basis “. The Hope and Fraternity association has “Always fought terrorism, always favored living together. It is a mosque which is respectable ”, he said.

The sermons of this imam “Presented as occasional speaker”, most “In reality regular imam of the great mosque of Beauvais”, can we read in the decree, “Value jihad as a duty by glorifying the fighters he calls hero, in the service of the protection of the Muslim religion which would, according to him, be threatened by Western societies ”. Still according to the decree, the sermons of this officiant “Defend a rigorous and radical practice of Islam and the superiority of religious rules over those of positive law in respect of which it legitimizes disobedience”.

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These words encourage “Faithful to the identity withdrawal” and the “Incite to break with the Republic”going “To the point of erecting non-Muslims into enemies”. The imam also calls “To hatred, to discrimination against certain categories of people, such as Jews, Christians, or homosexuals”.

Five places of worship subject to instruction

The prefecture accuses those in charge of the mosque for not having condemned these comments posted on social networks, one of them having even, according to it, relayed the publications of the imam on his Facebook account. The prefecture considers that, “Given the significance of the terrorist threat at a very high level”, it is necessary to “Pronounce the closure of the place of worship (…) for a period of six months, with the aim of preventing the commission of acts of terrorism ”.

According to the Ministry of the Interior, 2,623 mosques and prayer rooms are established on the national territory and, among these places of worship, “99 were suspected of separatism”. All have “Been checked in recent months”. “For 36 places of worship, the checks made it possible to demonstrate that the law of the Republic was strictly observed there, for example following a change of imam or of associative governance”, the ministry said.

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In addition, “21 places of worship are currently closed, due to administrative regulations, a court decision, a lease takeover, work or an administrative closure”. In addition to the Beauvais mosque, five “Are the subject of an instruction which will make it possible to initiate a closure, in particular on the basis of the separatism law”.

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