January 26, 2022

The police on the breach during urban violence in Martiniq

The nights of urban violence have followed one another for a week in Martinique. The police find themselves facing heavily armed individuals. Eleven members of the security forces were injured during the night of Thursday 25 to Friday 26 November 2021. Police officers from the RAID of Guadeloupe and Guyana are currently operational in Martinique.

Once night has fallen, and for five days the blocking points have turned into braziers. New roadblocks, created from garbage cans and rubbish, are also igniting on public roads.

Fire lit on the public highway by rioters.

© Martinique the 1st

A technique used by looters to delay the arrival of the police and continue their abuses.

The residents can testify, the shots are fired. Rioters, equipped with large-caliber perfumes, confront the police with live ammunition.

During the night from Thursday to Friday (November 26, 2021, a gendarmerie officer was seriously injured in Ducos. He was violently hit by the looters’ vehicle. In the police zone, 11 officers were injured.

The day before (night from Wednesday to Thursday, November 25, 2021), seven members of the security forces were injured as well as a protester.

The previous night (Tuesday to Wednesday, November 24, 2021), 7 police officers and 5 gendarmes were slightly injured.

As is the case during a crisis and exceptional situation, the Departmental Operational Unit (COD) has been activated.

For its part, the Martinique gendarmerie has implemented a rapid reaction device called “Enhanced intervention device of the gendarmerie” (DIAG).

Thus, the entire workforce of the island is mobilized. According to our information, reinforcements are already there. In addition, it is not excluded that other men will be sent afterwards with in their sights the capacity to increase in power with the support of human and material resources of the Hexagon.

In the police zone, Fort-de-France and Le Lamentin, the situation is the same, the numbers are in the streets.

All staff, regardless of direction, are in the field. We received some colleagues from the Raid with reinforcements from Guadeloupe and Guyana who are also there, but not yet from France. I think and I hope that we will receive a lot more. It takes a lot more people than that to cover all the areas in order to restore the situation and contain it.

Thierry Beaucelin, territorial secretary of the Alliance Police Nationale union

It must be said that the workforce is mobilized on many different points during the night. The looters are well organized and move very quickly.

For the time being, the prefecture neither confirms nor denies the arrival of additional police officers in Martinique, as was done by the government in the face of the insurrectional situation which was developing in Guadeloupe.