May 12, 2022

The partial legislative election in Paris canceled because of a fake LREM candidate

POLITICS – Political epilogue. The June 2021 election of Lamia El Aaraje, the only PS deputy from Paris, was canceled this Friday, January 28 by the Constitutional Council due to the presence in the first round of a candidate who displayed false support for LREM on his ballot. .

During the election, several ballots displayed the real name of the forger, Jean-Damien de Sinzogan. On another, he displayed himself as a monarchist by presenting himself as “Jean de Bourbon” – a name usurped from Jean III, Count of Montizon and pretender to the throne of Spain and then of France in the 19th century -, all flanked by the logo of La République en Marche… even though he was not invested by the party. The name of his deputy – who then filed a complaint against him because he would not have been aware of this candidacy – was himself changed.

LREM had denied the day before the election, May 29, 2021, on Twitter. Moreover, the party had decided not to send a candidate in this constituency already won over to the left, underlines the world. But the denial was considered too late by the Constitutional Council and the hearing too limited to avoid “confusion” on the day of the vote.

The sincerity of the ballot altered

Finally, Jean-Damien de Sinzogan won 4.4% of the vote (i.e. 516 ballots in his name). However, at the end of the first round, the voting difference between the candidate LR François-Marie Didier, who came third in the first round, and Danielle Simonnet (LFI), who came second and qualified for the second round with Lamia El Aaraje, was weak (266 votes). Without the fraudulent candidacy and the 516 votes granted to the usurper, the result could have been quite different and François-Marie Didier could have reached the second round.

The Constitutional Council therefore considers that “the maneuver committed by Mr. de Sinzogan” was “likely to alter the sincerity of the ballot”. He is also declared ineligible for a period of three years.

The institution chaired by former Prime Minister Laurent Fabius had been seized a few days after the election by a voter from the constituency and by the unsuccessful candidate François-Marie Didier who had considered the ballot “distorted” and said to himself “ very surprised that such an application could be authorized”. Following the decision, the latter congratulated the conclusion of this case on Twitter: “Respect for voters, candidates and democracy.”

This partial legislative election was caused by the resignation of the deputy and former socialist minister George Pau-Langevin, appointed assistant to the Defender of Rights.

By winning with 56% against the Insoumise candidate, Lamia El Aaraje had allowed the PS to keep the 15th constituency of the capital, its last bastion after the tidal wave of La République en Marche in 2017.

“A difficult news to accept”

“It seems urgent to modify the electoral law so that the prefectures can control the conformity of the political labels declared by each candidate”, reacted in a press release Mrs. El Aaraje, deploring that a deputy “elected hands down (…) be penalized by the maneuvers of a weirdo, the inconsistency of a single man”. “It is difficult not to feel a feeling of injustice tonight”, also said the elected socialist about a “news very difficult to accept”.

In a press release, the president of the PS group in the Assembly, Valérie Rabault, indicated that she “take note” of the Council’s decision, but deplored that it “opens the way to a case law which will allow anyone presenting themselves under a false political etiquette to tarnish the sincerity of the vote and to question candidates who are not linked directly or indirectly to such fraudulent maneuvers”.

Danielle Simmonet for her part set the date for the month of June, the date of the next legislative elections: “I take note of the decision of the Constitutional Council to cancel the legislative election of the 15th circo (Paris 20th). It is an important case law which sanctions usurpation of acronym. The 20th no longer has a deputy. See you next June!”

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