January 23, 2022

the Paris prosecutor’s office requires a dismissal for Gérald Darmanin

The Paris prosecutor’s office on Wednesday requested a dismissal for the Minister of the Interior, Gerald Darmanin, accused of rape since 2017, he declared Thursday, January 13 to Agence France-Presse (AFP), confirming a information from BFM-TV.

“We take note of this indictment of dismissal and await the final decision of the investigating magistrate”, specified Mathias Chichportich and Pierre-Olivier Sur, lawyers for the minister.

In this highly politically sensitive case, which has already been the subject of long procedural disputes, it is now up to the investigating judge to make her final decision on a possible dismissal for the tenant of Place Beauvau.

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Since 2017, the minister has been accused of rape, sexual harassment and breach of trust by Sophie Patterson-Spatz. In 2009, the complainant addressed the elected official, then in charge of the legal affairs department of the UMP (ancestor of the Republicans), to obtain support when she wanted to revise a 2004 conviction for blackmail. and malicious calls regarding an ex-boyfriend.

“Go to the pan”

According to her, Mr. Darmanin would have dangled his support from the chancellery via a letter, in exchange for sexual favors that she would have accepted, feeling compelled to “Pass to the pan”, according to his expression in front of the investigators.

Key exchange of the file, on the night of December 17, 2009, Mr.me Patterson-Spatz wrote him this SMS:

“Abuse of his position. For my part, it’s being a dirty jerk (…). When you know the effort it took me to fuck with you. To take care of my case. “

Less than two hours later, he replies:

“You’re right, I’m probably a dirty jerk. How to forgive myself ? “

Two simple complaints from Mme Patterson-Spatz have already been dismissed, while an investigating judge refused in August 2018 to investigate following a third complaint with a civil party. After long procedural disputes, the Paris Court of Appeal ordered in June 2020 the resumption of the investigations.

This file was a political burden for Mr. Darmanin, criticized from his appointment to the government in the summer of 2020 by many voices, especially feminists. He filed a complaint for slanderous denunciation.

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