May 23, 2022

the “overall risk” linked to Omicron still very high warns the WHO

8:36 am: “90% of FFP2 masks have arrived”

“90% of FFP2 masks have arrived in schools” for teaching staff assured the Minister of Education Jean-Michel Blanquer on BFMTV on Wednesday.

n8:10 a.m .: Debates on compulsory vaccination will start in the Bundestag

The debates in the German Parliament on compulsory vaccination will begin this Wednesday and promise to be long. No bill has yet been tabled but the deputies will begin preliminary discussions on this vaccination obligation, supported by Chancellor Olaf Scholz but which divides society and the political class. Within the European Union, Austria will be the first country to make vaccination compulsory at the beginning of February.

7:23 am: The economy starts 2022 in slow motion

Slowdown in China and the United States, sharp slowdown in global growth. Omicron, inflation and interest rate hikes are all clouds that darken the economic horizon at the start of 2022, the International Monetary Fund warned on Tuesday. Omicron “has led to new restrictions on mobility in many countries and an increase in labor shortages,” said Gita Gopinath, the institution’s new number 2, at a press conference.

7:10 a.m .: An investigation launched on the holidays in Downing Street in full confinement

British police announced on Tuesday that they were investigating several parties organized in Downing Street and within the senior administration during the confinements, at the origin of a serious crisis threatening Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

6:32 am: The “overall risk” linked to Omicron still very high warns the WHO

The level of risk linked to the Omicron variant remains very high according to the World Health Organization (WHO), the number of contaminations having reached a new record last week. “More than 21 million new cases have been recorded (in the past seven days), which is the highest number of weekly cases recorded since the start of the pandemic,” she said.

6:02 a.m .: Peru exceeds the bar of 3 million contaminations

Peru crossed the threshold of three million confirmed Covid cases on Tuesday, or 10% of its population, in the midst of the third wave caused by the Omicron variant. Health Minister Hernando Cevallos said over the weekend that the Omicron variant accounts for 95% of cases in Lima, which has a third of Peru’s population, and 92% nationally.

5:50 am: A lull in the epidemic around mid-March?

On Franceinfo on Tuesday, the president of the Scientific Council Jean-François Delfraissy estimated that the current phase of the epidemic, marked by the Omicron variant, should “land” around mid-March. “We can imagine that we will spend the spring in not too bad conditions,” he said.

5:48 am: Nine million French people risk losing their vaccination pass on February 15

Health Minister Olivier Véran said on Tuesday that nine million French people could lose their vaccination pass on February 15 if they have not taken their booster dose by then. He also clarified that the pass would be maintained “as long as a threat weighs on hospitals”.

Alain Fischer: “Vaccinating children is not a success”

Only 3.8% of 5-11 year olds have received a dose of the Covid-19 vaccine. The Ministry of Health announced on Tuesday that the agreement of a single parent is once again sufficient to vaccinate their child.

While contaminations explode in primary schools, Alain Fischer, the president of the Council of Orientation of the Vaccine Strategy calls to amplify the vaccine campaign. With a message for parents: “child vaccination is relevant and safe”. More details in our article.

5:47 am: Hospitalizations are back above the 30,000 threshold

The still high level of the number of contamination is reflected in an influx of Covid patients in hospitals, which recorded 3,842 new admissions on Tuesday. A total of 30,189 Covid patients were hospitalized on Tuesday (29,748 on Monday), a level that is approaching the peak recorded in November 2020.

On the other hand, the figures for critical care, which receive patients with the most serious forms of the disease, confirm a decline. These services treated 3,741 people on Tuesday (3,776 on Monday).

Hospitals recorded 364 deaths from Covid-19 on Tuesday, bringing the total death toll in France to 129,489 since the start of the epidemic.

5:46 a.m .: More than 500,000 positive cases on Tuesday, absolute record

The laboratories recorded 501,635 contaminations in 24 hours on Tuesday, a record level, but to smooth out the statistical jolts, we must consider the daily average over seven days, which is stable compared to the previous day with 366,000 cases.

What to remember from Tuesday

  • Pfizer-BioNTech have started the clinical trial of a specific vaccine against Omicron.
  • The BA2 sub-variant of Omicron could infect someone who has already had the Omicron variant, according to Danish data relayed by the minister on Tuesday morning.
  • The 4th dose of vaccine against Covid is not on the agenda, according to the Minister of Health, who is still awaiting scientific data.
  • “The wave will be very heavy until mid-March”, according to Jean-François Delfraissy, president of the Scientific Council, who sees a high plateau of the Omicron wave looming.
  • Paxlovid, Pfizer’s anti-Covid pill, is a “turning point” in the fight against the disease, according to Delfraissy, who estimates that the antiviral “reduces the transition to severe forms by around 85%”.
  • Abroad, Boris Johnson’s party is the target of an investigation after new revelations about parties, including a birthday in 2020, in full confinement in the United Kingdom.
  • The Dutch government, under pressure, announced on Tuesday the reopening under conditions from Wednesday of bars, restaurants and cultural venues in the Netherlands, where health restrictions against Covid-19 were among the strictest in Europe.

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