June 30, 2022

The new president of the mayors of France, David Lisnard, defends decentralization in the face of “centralizing attempts”

The mayor Les Républicains de Cannes was elected president of the Association of Mayors of France (AMF) on Wednesday. Thursday, he said on France Bleu that he wanted to fight “firmly” against the centralization of the state.

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“The strength of the Association of Mayors of France is its independence, its representativeness, its pluralism and its ability to speak on behalf of all mayors”, declared Thursday, November 18 on France Bleu David Lisnard, new president of the AMF, elected Wednesday. The mayor Les Républicains de Cannes (Alpes-Maritimes), elected with 62% of the votes cast, won against the UDI mayor of Sceaux (Hauts-de-Seine) Philippe Laurent and outgoing secretary general of the AMF. The elected 52-year-old succeeds François Baroin

In the resolution he is due to present Thursday afternoon at the 103rd AMF Congress, David Lisnard has chosen to fight with “firmness” against the “attempts to centralize power, whatever the power”. It ensures that the position of the AMF “is not personalized” according to the President of the Republic. “It is not for or against Emmanuel Macron, for or against François Hollande or for or against Nicolas Sarkozy. It is for communal freedom, responsibility and local efficiency to fight against the effects of bureaucratization.” Now, according to him, “We have unfortunately seen in the last presidencies of the Republic a desire to recentralize, which is always done to the detriment of the efficiency of public services”.

Among the proposals he plans to make in the coming weeks, David Lisnard wants the AMF “participates in the production of texts which concern the public authorities and the municipal organization”. In the field of health, he also asks that “the mayors are again chairmen of the boards of directors of the hospitals and that the communities can invest in the health establishments, provided that it is a transfer of competences compensated financially”.

The new president of the AMF wished to recall the interests of the association, namely “defend the municipalities” and “embody the consensus of mayors”. “The AMF does not defend corporate interests, on the contrary. It offers a vision of decentralization and efficiency of public services”, he continued. David Lisnard thus presented himself as “an inhabitant among the inhabitants”, Mayor of Cannes, “municipality which makes France shine”. “If I can speak on behalf of the mayors of France, it is because the people of Cannes have trusted me, and that I do not forget”, a conclu David Lisnard.