May 22, 2022

the mayor of Roubaix files a complaint for death threats after having received several dozen messages since Sunday

These threatening messages were sent after the broadcast of a report devoted to radical Islamism and partly shot in Roubaix.

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Guillaume Delbar, the various right-wing mayor of Roubaix (North), has filed a complaint for death threats after having received dozens of messages since Sunday and the broadcasting of a report in the program “Forbidden Zone”, on M6, reports France Blue North Thursday January 27th. This report, devoted to radical Islamism, was partly filmed in Roubaix. Since then, the mayor claims to have received “more than a dozen messages every day” threatening him.

In a letter addressed to France Bleu Nord, Guillaume Delbar denounces “a surge that should never touch anyone”. Among these messages, some are particularly violent, calling him “fat pig” or of “prostitute” Islamists. “Your name will forever remain as that of a traitor. You will pay dearly for it.” The mayor takes these messages seriously considering that “taking action is always preceded by words inciting hatred and violence”.

In a press release relayed by France 3 Hauts-de-France on Monday, the mayor had already denounced a “Roubaix bashing” and an “caricature”, after the broadcast of the report. “Roubaix is ​​not an easy city, but it is rich in all its differences. So yes, I may have been deceived, I could have been wrong. But the debate should not be manipulated by those who see separatists everywhere .” Many political reactions followed the broadcast of the show.