January 26, 2022

The Marseillais: A candidate as a couple unleashed at the evening of problems? We have some info

Recently, we revealed to you the identity of a new candidate of the Marseillais who would be very close to another personality of the program. In this article, we tell you about another participant who would have sown discord during the long-awaited and now iconic Evening of Problems. It is Julien Tanti who had to rub his hands, because the candidate in question would be (or rather would have been …) in a relationship. Since the time, we have learned the lesson well: it is better to be single during this evening in order to avoid being dumped at the end of this game which unleashes passions. Eh yes ! Very often, this is an opportunity for people in a relationship to test the strength of their relationships, and especially the loyalty of their partner. This year, it seems that it is Océane El Himer who has taken the most!

shayaratv reveals that Cedric would have done anything during the trouble game – Credit (s): shayaratv

Ayooo, this is hot! As you can see on the screenshot of the story of shayaratv dated December 9, 2021, Cédric would have clearly“mess around”. According to the blogger’s information, the latter, which you will also have the opportunity to see in The Princes and Princesses of love 5 as a suitor for Yoly, would have been in a relationship with Océane El Himer. Despite this status, he would not have hesitated to kiss several girls during the trouble game which took place a few days ago. Again, looks like this night caused a lot of drama!

But with whom would Cedric have rubbed shoulders?

In the editorial we ask ourselves the question: But who did the new recruit of the flagship program of W9 have kissed? Why not Maëva Ghennam? Or Charlotte, Ambre or even Thia, the anonymous candidates? In your opinion the meltynauts? You will surely have the answer in the episodes of Marseillais ! In any case one thing is certain: we can really expect anything with this game. Besides, speaking of the Marseillais, know that Haneia left the show and spoke for the first time.