January 25, 2022

the LFP is getting organized for a jackpot in 2022, unencrypted L1 in 2024?

Zapping But! Football Club Top10 Ligue1 Scorers Day 9

Eager to embark on the creation of a commercial company buying part of the rights to Ligue 1, the LFP communicated on the progress of this Tuesday, December 14. About ten offers were received: “It is now up to the LFP and its councils to analyze all of these offers in the light of the evaluation criteria selected (expertise, added value, development plan, valuation, financing , governance, etc.) in order to proceed, over the next few days, to a selection of a limited number of candidates for the second phase of the consultation process ”. The second phase of the project to raise more than one and a half billion euros to support French football in the face of the crisis should take place at the beginning of the year 2022.

L1 matches in clear from 2024, new guarantees claimed?

While waiting for the League project to see the light of day, French football was a subject of a parliamentary report, tabled by the deputy Régis Juanico (Générations.s) and supported by Cédric Roussel (LREM). Indeed, as reported by AFP, the latter pleaded for the creation of a special package on the next calls for tenders including a clear match in order to “support the exposure” of Ligue 1.

This report also recommends the passage of the sale of TV rights over an extended period of 4 to 5 years … So over the period 2024-29. It is also planned to claim an “independent guarantee” from a “first rank” banking establishment in order to avoid bad payers such as Mediapro. The report recommends the payment of a deposit of 10% at the conclusion of the call for tenders, the subscription of an insurance to cover a possible default of payment, and proposes that the League can oppose, if it so. would like to see possible “sub-license” agreements between broadcasters, which present a “speculative risk”.

to summarize

While the LFP communicated on its commercial company, a parliamentary report came out for future Ligue 1 TV rights. Aim of the maneuver: to avoid Mediapro-type fiascos in the future and to secure French football.